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Wind Power At Its Finest -- Empire State And Other Buildings Are Now Powered By Wind

( education / science / energy )
The world just got greener. The Empire State Building, New York's legendary building and the citys number one tourist attraction is now powered by wind. The structure flickered back to life...Wind Power At Its Finest Empire State And Other Buildings Are Now... ... read more

21st Century Nikola Tesla: Maxwell Chikumbutso

( education / science / energy )
"Maxwell Chikumbutso's Game-Changing Free Energy Device shows that when Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble released the 2011 documentary Thrive..."... read more

Be Ready For The Next Power Failure

( education / tech / energy / advice )
A cousin just installed a 16kW generator to power the whole house. It goes on and off automatically, triggered by power failure and restoration, and runs on natural gas. See video here.It costs about $4K plus installation. Various models on He says, I was going to use a smaller... read more

Patent Claims Solar Energy 'Breakthrough'

( education / tech / energy )
I hope this is for real: Patent Filing Claims Solar Energy Breakthrough"In a U.S. patent application, a little-known Maryland inventor claims a stunning solar energy breakthrough that promises to end the planet's reliance on fossil fuels at a fraction of the current cost - a transformation that... read more

MIT Creates Solar Cell From Grass Clippings

( education / tech / energy )
MIT creates solar cell from grass clippings"A researcher at MIT, Andreas Mershin, has created solar panels from agricultural waste such as cut grass and dead leaves. In a few years, Mershin says it'll be possible to stir some grass clippings into a bag of cheap chemicals, paint the mixture on y... read more

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The Lazy Pug Cafe -- The Lazy Pug Cafe was a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse abandoned years ago, lately serving as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. With its beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree, Ol' Lightnin', out back, locals were grateful someone was finally bringing the