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Those Who Tell The Stories Rule Society

( culture / quotes / stories )
"Those who tell the stories rule society" -- Plato Or, maybe it was... "Those who tell stories rule the world." -- Native American Proverb It might more accurately be stated, Those whose stories are heard/read rule the world. Some of us are fairly invisibl... read more

Children Prefer Storybooks That Explain Why And How Things Happen

( education / science / research / stories )
Read the rest here: sciencedaily.com "Children have a never-ending curiosity about the world around them and frequently question how and why it works the way it does. Researchers have previously demonstrated that children are interested in causal information, but had not yet l... read more

Good Article About Storytelling

( culture / writing / stories )
"Pop culture today is obsessed with the battle between good and evil. Traditional folktales never were. What changed?" Read the rest here: the-good-guy-bad-guy-myth ... read more


( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
from 1994, by Eric McGovern It was a warm, humid night, as are most nights of August in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. It was ten p.m. and, as I loaded my fishing gear into my truck and looked up at the full moon, I was getting anxious to fish. I started up the truck, drove about three ... read more

Kangaroos Attacked Me

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
from 1993 by Greg - not really There I was in Long Beach, California, having lunch down along the docks like I always do. It was a cool Autumn day, early November. I was watching the ships roll in ... then I'd watch 'em roll away again. Whoa-wo sittin' on the dock of the ... read more

Remmy Gets Gas

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
from July 1990 by Bill Remmy pulled into the gas station and jumped out of his pickup. He went to the rear of the truck, checked his reflection in the camper shell window, smiled, and slid the gas nozzle into the tank. He left the pump on automatic and wandered over to a soda m ... read more

So Much For Sacrificial Rites

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
from February 1990 The High Priest announced, We must sacrifice a human life tonight. The crowd of Mibuku natives milling around the fire immediately tensed and fell silent. Suddenly, the High Priest pointed his holy finger at a lowly servant fanning the Queen. The servant shrie ... read more

Aliens Spoke To Me

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
from 1993 I just started driving. I don't know why. Boredom, I guess. I left my house around noon. I'd had enough of watching football on t.v. and just felt like getting out. When I hopped into my truck I had no idea where I might go. East, I thought. To the desert, maybe. See t ... read more

Devastating Earthquake Rocks Southland

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Bill, from 1993 A powerful earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter Scale brought Southern California to its knees just before dawn yesterday. Hundreds of buildings in the greater Los Angeles area were completely destroyed, dozens more rendered uninhabitable. L.A.'s newly-complete... read more

Started A New Story Today

( culture / writing / stories / novels )
I started writing a new story today. Can't say much about it except that it's pretty much sci-fi, though it might wander into religion and politics. So, yeah, it should offend just about everyone.Then I took a break and started cleaning. Did a load of dishes. Vacuumed and cleaned the... read more

Short Stories

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
Really old (mostly bad) stories by Bill Lipstick & WD-40 One Of Those Nights The Leaky Weekly Lunch At Jack-In-The-Box A Day At The Fair Murder? Or Just An Honest Mistake? Dinko Goes Shopping Aliens Spoke to Me Baub Devastating earthquake Rocks Southland Kangaroos Attack... read more

One Of Those Nights

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Bill, from 1990 It was late. Claude couldn't sleep. He decided to walk to the corner liquor store for munchies and beer. As he entered the store, he noticed a girl at the phone-booth by the door. She smiled a curious smile and Claude smiled back uncertainly, then proceeded into ... read more

Murder, Or Just An Honest Mistake?

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by William Arthur Bill Holmes. © Copyright 1990 The following story is rated PG. You figure it out. Madison Ripley Smith was sitting at his desk with his feet propped up when she walked in. Long legs, hourglass shape, luxurious jet-black hair, and matching jet-black eyes.... read more

A Day At The Fair

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Bill, from 1990 I pulled into Angel's Camp around noon. I was supposed to be meeting my brother Don and his wife Diane there ... somewhere. We hadn't actually decided on a meeting place. That would have been too easy. I drove south on the main street through town (probably Ma... read more

Lipstick & WD-40

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Bill, from 1990 Sandi strolled out of the motel room wearing her tight spandex pants, high-heeled shoes and a simple peasant blouse. She had just turned another trick and she wanted to vomit. This was not a reaction to just the one trick, but from the life she had been leading ... read more

The Leaky Weekly

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Bill, from 1990-2010 The Leaky Weekly's motto used to be: It's Not Just A Newspaper, It's A Piece Of Us. This was quickly perverted by the locals into: It's not just a newspaper, it's a piece of ass. So the motto was changed to: It's Not Just A Newspaper, It's A Family Newsl... read more

The Slow Leak

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Steve, from 2000 It was a gorgeous Sunday near the end of September and I needed some exercise. Exercise, just for the sake of exercise was probably best done by running on the treadmill at the athletic club. But on a day like that, just exercise wasn't enough. I would take a bik... read more

The Admired Car

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Steve, from 2001Beep, beep, blink, blink! How the car, George wished she could honk her horn and flash her lights. A car with a name? Yes, she knew her name was George because she heard one of her creators say it, By George, she's a beauty.It was a Sunday afternoon in the spr ... read more

Lunch At Jack-In-The-Box

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Bill, from 1993 Driving around town the other day, I somehow ended up in Hollywood. I don't get to Hollywood much anymore and don't usually find myself missing it. But it was a beautiful day. And seeing all the quaint shops - each striving for uniqueness - and the many people on ... read more


( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
From 1989 by Bill In the vast expanse of Llycete Spaceport's docking yard on this below-freezing winter morning, the Mraclys, a small ship badly in need of a paint job, stood apart from the other ships, mostly because it was so ugly. Green on top, orange on the bottom, with brown pa ... read more

A Day At The Races

( culture / writing / stories / horseracing )
from 1994 The first Saturday in May. What does this date mean to you? Probably nothing, except that Spring has finally arrived, unless you live in California where it's been Spring already for two months or more - real Spring, not calendar Spring. But ask any horse racing buff an... read more

Dinko Goes Shopping

( culture / writing / stories / fiction )
by Bill, from 1990 There once was a cat named Dinko who loved food more than anything else in the world. Of course, when you're a cat, food is probably the single most important thing in the world; so none of this should come as any great shock. Sure, being cuddled and petted and s... read more

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