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Supply Chain Down

by bill - 2021-10-11 ( education / research / conspiracies / economy )

Anonymous says: There are already big shortages in auto and other industries. More shortages will follow, including grocery stores. Stock up now or you'll wish you did later. See

And I say... it's all by design. Who could do such a thing? The powers-that-be at the top of the pyramid, that's who. Why? To create dependency on those who have way too much power. How will THEY have supplies when no one else does? They're the ones ultimately in charge, so of course they can always resupply. And that's why hierarchical systems are so bad, corruption-prone, and doomed to fail. Like a pond, scum rises to the top. What the world needs is more diversity, not of race, creed or sexual habits, but of self-made and self-controlled individuals by the millions who create and supply what everyone else wants and needs.

Now, that's a healthy economy!

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