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Petition In Favor Of Russian Adoption

by bill - 2010-04-17 04:02:14 ( in family, adoption) [php version]

Please sign the petition (at the bottom of this post) in favor of Russian adoption. I did. My wife and I adopted from Russia in 2007. You can watch the videos here and here.

Of course it has been difficult at times - she's a child, after all - but it never once occurred to us to "return" our daughter to Russia. The moment an adopted child touches down on American soil, they are an American citizen. If there are problems after that - even if the child is "psychotic" or violent - it has to be dealt with by the parents and American organizations (and authorities, if necessary). An adopted child has no business going back to Russia except to visit.

Note: The adoption videos have been made private. Fill out this adoption video permission form if you want to see them.

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    The above petition is expired, and kinda/sorta replaced by we are the truth - bill, 2019-02-16 08:18:47

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