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Importance Of Information

by doug - 2022-10-28 09:08:11 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

I received an email recently from someone whom I've corresponded with from time to time and I mentioned the covid scamdemic to them. They responded that they don't believe the entire world would fall for such a scam.

Here's my response which I'm sharing because maybe you can use the same approach when trying to wake up people you know. I'm only mentioning things very obvious and provable in order to get them questioning something (anything) which should begin to get normal people to snap out of the hypnosis to some degree.

The world and all governments are now controlled by unelected globalists. The World economic Forum (WEF) run by the cartoonish super villain Klaus Schwab represents the total global dictatorship supported by virtually all major corporations. They want to utterly control everyone by way of digital currency that gives the power to decide whether they'll allow any given purchase. All will be tracked and traced. It's slavery. And the green passport system will ensure that.

Cash will be phased out.

All these things are documented and actually stated for all to see on the WEF website.

It also ties into the climate change scam which calls CO2 a pollutant when in fact it's what gives life to all carbon based plants in the world.

Gates is blocking out the sun which is certifiably insane but is part of his agenda.

The world has seemingly gone insane but so many people are simply not paying attention for whatever reason.

I can provide links for all these things if you want to learn the truth.

I'm not exaggerating when I say humanity is being attacked and more people need to learn about it.

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