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Identifying On Facebook

by steve - 2023-06-14 15:36:11 ( in education, tech, internet, social) [php version] rebuild (131392)

On FB I saw an ad for shoes that had a bit of copper on the bottom so the wearer could be 'grounded'. One person complained how expensive they are. I didn't bother to read up on it but here's my comment:

For those who have left feet that identify as right feet and right feet that identify as left feet, I'm developing a new line of shoes. Of course, it looks as though I'm going to have to charge $300 for the pair, but I guarantee they'll be worth it!

There was another story on FB that told how some marathon added a new 'non-binary' division with prize money. I posted a comment that it was unfair because I identify as Martian and there's no category for Martians with prize money.

There was a joke post on FB that advertised left and right-handed screwdrivers. Of course, I posted a comment protesting that there weren't screwdrivers for people whose right hand identified as left handed.

Maybe I'll find more 'identifying' idiocy comment on and disturb more mentally ill people.

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