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Hack Attack?

by bill - 2009-01-05 ( education / tech / computers / internet ) [html version] rebuild

Question There was a couple parked on the curb on Wed from 8am to 12pm on Wed. The girl was like a look-out, it seemed. When I was going to work she gave me a suspicious look, so I drove around in a circle and drove by them getting their license plate. When I came back at around noon, they were still there but the girl looked at me then they quickly left, after having been there for 4 hours. Can you tell from this router log whether they got into the router? There's a lease renewal from a mac address I don't recognize. I only have wep encryption. My own computers were off-line for the time of this log. ANSWER:  Yeah, that lease renewal means that they DID successfully use your router, unless it was a wired computer of yours that you've forgotten about.  With wireless, even if they can see your wireless SSID, it won't give ("lease") them an address until they authenticate.  Hopefully, if they did piggyback off your wireless, they only used it to access the Internet and not your personal network.  Of course, from there, they could have downloaded illegal movies or music and get YOU into trouble with the RIAA. Try WPA or WPA2 encryption, make sure that works for you first, then tell the router (somewhere) to stop broadcasting its SSID.  It will still work for you, it'll just be invisible to your neighbors and those driving by.  Also, make sure your own PC's WORKGROUP is something other than the default WORKGROUP or MSHOME.

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