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Dr. Ardis, Venom, Part 2

by steve - 2022-04-17 05:50:47 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild (14040)

Also a bit where it is said that trump pushed the KILLER Remsdesivir:

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    He says the effective way to treat covid is identical to the way they treat snake bites. Chewing nicotine gum alleviates covid breathing problems. Nicotine counteracts the spike protein. So if you had the covid vax and turned your body into a spike protein factory, you should keep a stock of nicotine gum. He says the FDA is now working to eliminate the availability of nicotine patches and gum in drug stores. - anonymous, 2022-04-17 09:05:32
    That was Fauci pushing Remdesivir. Trump, like most presidents, simply says whatever his advisors tell him to say. - bill, 2022-04-17 09:11:22

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