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Twitter Is DOWN! Thousands Are Unable To See Tweets And Are Shown A 'Twitter Is Over Cap

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Twitter is down for parts of the US, Europe and Japan, as thousands report the site is not loading. Many are also seeing a 'Twitter is over capacity ... read more

Politician Helps Pay Off Medical Debt For Man Who Sent Him Racist Tweets--And They're Now Friends

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Qasim Rashid helped raise thousands of dollars for a Virginia man who sent him "deeply hurtful anti-Muslim" messages on Twitter.Politician ... read more


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My Twitter feed: by @TheBillHolmes Some of my better ones, according to me ... Never work FOR someone else, work WITH them. I do some of my best work when I'm supposed to be doing something e ... read more

My Twitter Feed

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Tweets by @TheBillHolmes And if the network you're on has Twitter blocked, but you're Jo ... read more

Recent Tweets

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I remember when I didn't know what a tweet was, other than the sound a bird makes. It wasn't so long ago, either. Below is just a random list of tweets. Pathetic, I know, but I felt the need to put something new on the site. Anyway... Saturday, July 20, 2013:   Picked... read more

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