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The Collapse Of San Francisco

by doug - 2023-05-14 00:15:08 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

Very interesting speech, mainly about San Francisco.

I remember good times visiting there, not even too long ago (2019).

It's sad to see it collapse in so many ways.

It appears Dems love the sh-t they create, like pigs loving the mud.

And I feel so sorry for the residents there, even when they vote for the corrupt morons. Maybe it's part of another conspiracy to reduce the property values and have Black Rock and Vanguard buy it up cheap.

He doesn't explain exactly why Placer County, such as Roseville and Folsom are doing so well, but since I live so close I can tell you that it's because local elected officials stood up to the insanity of the covid scamdemic and refused to continue to cooperate. Just proves what local jurisdictions can accomplish despite an insane and evil governor.

The speech is worth a watch.

Kevin Kiley

Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2023 2:33 PMNewsom's Very Bad Week

Absolute Chaos

Hi ,

I've just published a new blog post:

The Collapse of San Francisco

This week, I addressed the House of Representatives on the collapse of one of the world's most beautiful cities. You can watch the 15-minute speech here.

With Whole Foods, Nordstrom, T-Mobile, Saks, and Anthropologie all announcing their departure, San Francisco is in total free fall. My goal was to show the rest of the country what has happened to the home of Newsom, Pelosi, and Kamala Harris:

"If California offers a preview of where our country is headed, San Francisco offers an even starker warning. This is the part of our state where failed policies, radical politics, and public corruption are in their most advanced stage =96 and where residents are most rapidly fleeing."

"Indeed, before he was Governor of California, Newsom was Mayor of San Francisco. Fittingly, it was during his =91Red State' tour last month, where he lectured other states on how to govern themselves, that Newsom's own home city reached the point of total collapse."

It's been a rough week for Newsom. He just had to dismiss the $800 billion in payouts proposed by his own Reparations Commission, confirming what I said at the time and again recently on Meet the Press: the commission was a stunt to distract from his own failures.

Meanwhile, amidst Newsom's flailing attacks on our deficit reduction , we exposed his own default on an $18 billion federal loan California took out after Julie Su squandered ions to fraudsters. By Janet Yellen's definition, our Governor is a "deadbeat."

Finally, Newsom's laughable attempt to blame the House GOP, not Biden, for the border crisis just became even more farcical. Moments ago we passed H.R. 2, the strongest border security in history =96 on the very day Biden is ending Title 42 and unleashing historic chaos.

Join the fight and support our citizens movement

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Kevin Kiley

California Congressman

Kevin Kiley for Congress, 9458 Treelake Road, Granite Bay, CA 95746, United States

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