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Study Suggests Robots Could Help With Mental Health In Senior Homes

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A study jointly funded by the European Union and Japanese government suggests robots programmed with the ability to carry on conversations can positively impact the mental health of seniors in care ... read more

Watch Now: The Environmental Film Focused Solely On Solutions

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Can we feed the world without destroying the planet? Yes, but we&#'ll have to change the way we do many things. Currently, our focus in society is about maintaining outdated systems and practices that are only making our lives and environment worse. Soil ... read more

Are BOTH Candidates Mentally Unfit To Be President? Majority Of Americans In 6 Swing States Think So

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As US President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden accuse each other of being unfit for the job, voters in six swing states say they agree with both of them. A poll reveals voters think neither is mentally fit. Read Full Article at ... read more

Do Our Fundamental Desires Lead To Fulfilment?

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September 9th, 2020 By Kashi Whenever I sit down with a friend and I ask them what they really, really want out of life, the answer is always the same. Health, happiness... and wealth. And then... World peace or unity and ... read more

Our "Reality" Isn't "Physical." It's "Spiritual, Mental & Immaterial" Says Renowned Physicist

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In 2005, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University Richard Conn Henry published a paper in the journalNaturetitled 'The Mental Universe.' In it, he writes the following: A fundamental conclusion of the new ... read more

'Wild West' Mentality Of US Pioneers 'persists In Mountain Regions'

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A personality study of over 3.3 million Americans reveals traits of early American settlers during the 'Wild West' era still linger on in the current US population living in mountains ... read more

China Quietly Lands Its Ultra-secret Experimental Spacecraft

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China has landed its secretive reusable experimental spacecraft back on Earth after a successful two-day test flight in the northwestern Chinese region of Inner ... read more

How A Podcast About Mental Health Is Helping Schoolchildren Flourish

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Pupils in Australia have been working on a podcast to help children and teachers around the world stay resilient Positive ... read more

China Conducts Highly Secretive Launch Of 'reusable Experimental Spacecraft

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China successfully launched a reusable experimental spacecraft on Friday, state media reported. The mission was shrouded in mystery, with those attending the event reportedly banned from filming or even discussing it. Read Full Article at ... read more

More 'green Time' And Less Screen Time 'helps Children's Mental Health'

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A review of186 studies foundtime spent in woods, parks and nature reserves positively affects both kids' psychological well-being and academic ... read more

Super Greens: Five Startups Raising The Bar For Environmental Impact

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From turning waste plastic into bricks to storing carbon in consumer goods, these startups have sustainability at their core Positive ... read more

Giant Fossilised Tree In Peru Shows Andes Environmental Change

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On an expedition to the Central Andean Plateau, researchers from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) discovered the fossil buried in a cold, grassy ... read more

'Cold War Mentality': China Will Respond With 'necessary Countermeasures' To Deployment Of US Missiles In Asia Pacific

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Beijing has warned the US against deploying its ground-based missiles in the Asia Pacific region, promising to take countermeasures and threatening any states that host such weaponry with consequences. Read Full Article at RT.com ... read more

Magic Mushroom Ingredient May Improve Mental Health

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GreenMedInfo Research Group - Psilocybin may be gaining mainstream acceptance by providing a safe trip out of desolation and into a more open, positive state of ... read more

How To Begin Gardening For Mental Health

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August 5th, 2020 By Mia Barnes Do you want to improve your mental health? Why not get outside and dig in the earth? Gardening has significant benefits that extend beyond temporarily taking your mind off your tro ... read more

Yale's Massively Popular 'Happiness' Course Is Available Free Online

( life / health / mental )
via sunnyskyz.com/good-news/3716/Yaleand-039-s-Massively-Popular-and-039-Happinessand-039-Course-Is-Available-Free-Online ... read more

Dumbing Yourself Down

( life / health / mental )
Be careful when dumbing yourself down. Before you know it, you will succeed. #dumbingusdown... read more

Six Exercises For Happiness

( life / health / mental )
These six daily happiness exercises are proven to make anyone, from a 4-year old to an 84-year old, happy, or simply happier. Achor says in just 21 days, the exercises can transform a pessimist into an optimist. Gratitude Exercises. Write down three things you're grateful for that occurred over the last 24 hou... read more

Don't Keep Calm...

( life / health / mental )
Basically, go ahead and let yourself get anxious/excited. It's OK! You might even enjoy yourself, in a way. Or at least it'll be one of those things you can look back on and laugh about. via Don't Keep Calm.... ... read more

Contributing Factors To Happiness

( life / health / mental )
What a great experiment ... and website!Scientists Discover One Of The Greatest Contributing Factors To Happiness -- You'll Thank Me Later. See also ... read more

What Happens In Your Brain When You Get Mad And How To Control It

( life / health / mental )
What happens in your brain when you get mad, and how to control itI love this! Especially after my last post. By using one of his strategies, projecting peace, you can activate a different set of mirror neurons and begin to defuse the other's anger. You can get them to mi ... read more

Angry People

( life / health / mental )
Funny how the day after commenting on Facebook (see below) about driving past a local rich neighborhood, this morning in that same neighborhood I ticked off the driver behind me by having the gall to use a turn lane properly. You do realize you're ... read more

Not Pulled Over

( life / health / mental / dreams )
Had a very brief, mundane, realistic dream the night before last in which I was pulled over by a traffic cop. I didn't think much about it until the next morning when I was going down Antioch Pike to a client's office. That particular stretch (as you pass the sports fields) is infamous as a speed trap. The speed limit is 35, but there's... read more

Thought For The Day

( life / health / mental )
I was noticing how I'm not as good of a speller as I used be, or at least not as quick. Old age, I figured. Brain deteriorating. Oh well. Then I decided it's not necessarily that big a deal when certain brain synapses or pathways/habits die or just get worn out. It just forces me to use other mental processes, other brain routes, sendin... read more

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