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 emergency preparedness food storage (life / health / food)

Emergency Essentials - Be Prepared Emergency Preparedness Food Storage.That's the Boy Scout motto, isn't it? Never hurts. BePrepared is the world's largest dedicated online marketplace for survival food, water, and gear. They' ... read more

 had a scare (family / holmes / elizabeth)

We had a scare a couple of Wednesdays back with Elizabeth. She was at pre-school/daycare when she tripped and fell head-first onto the pavement outside as everyone was told to get in line to go back inside. We figure, being so competi ... read more

 writers need followers? (culture / writing / )

Publishers and writing gurus preach that writers need followers. The problem is that emotionally-stable people don't want followers, they want friends, compatriots, people who listen, not followers. Especially zombie followers. Th ... read more

 elizabeth cut off all her hair (family / holmes / elizabeth)

In the twenty minutes that Tara and I left Elizabeth alone, she found some (child-safe) scissors and cut off all her hair. At first I thought it was just wet. Then I realized she'd cut it all off. I laughed and said I was just glad sh ... read more

 cold day in november (culture / writing / blog)

It was cold today in Nashville! The high for the day was only about 45. I guess that'll feel warm if we get that in January, but still.... It's supposed to get down to the mid-20s tonight. I know, I know. You all in Chicago and Mos ... read more
44 states sue pharma giants over 'multi-year conspiracy' to hike drug prices by 1,000%
Jake Johnson - Americans pay far more for prescription drugs than the people of any other industrialized nation. ... read more

 new fence (culture / writing / blog)

I forgot to mention that I built a fence last weekend. It only spans about 12 feet from the side of the house to the retaining wall dividing us from our slightly-uphill neighbor. I've still got to cut a gate into it. Hopefully, I can ... read more

 scotty kilmer explains new car repair (life / help / )

You probably can't fix it yourself, and your mechanic might not be able to, either. Almost a metaphor for our times. See Scotty Kilmer explains new car repair. By the way, this guy's great. In various places he says: Honda makes th ... read more

 wine review (life / health / food)

Yes, we do it all here at FriendsNews! If I said to you Bohemian Highway, California Merlot 2007, what would you think? Crap? Just this side of Thunderbird? Well, you'd be wrong. At the amazingly low price of $6 for the small bottle ... read more

 chicago (life / travel / )

Tara and I left Nashville for Chicago on a Thursday morning. At the last minute I decided to let my cat Myca out. I figured he would return shortly after doing his business in the neighbor's bushes, as usual, and I could then lock ... read more

 trampoline (education / language / )

Trampoline ends in ine not ene as I had thought. Just FYI for next time someone tells you that's the wi-fi password and you can't get online to look it up. :) ... read more

 pesticides causing adhd? (life / health / )

It might explain the relatively recent phenomena. via health-kidsandparenting/ See also Why French kids don't have ADHD and extra recess time alleviates ADHD ... read more

 free novella and novels (culture / writing / books)

Free novella Temporary Insanity Long before winning the lottery and running for president, Benny was living in L.A. working as a temporary word processor (glorified typist). For his latest assignment, he thought he was taking just ... read more

 yesterday (culture / writing / blog)

Tara had a busy day off. Her basic schedule consisted of: 1) taking our pug Chandler back to the vet (for the fifth or sixth time the past month) to check on his ulcerated cornea; 2) awaiting delivery of our new used clothes washe ... read more

 advice for writing (culture / writing / )

A writer's narrative perspective (their voice, or, how they come across to their reader) must be: This is me talking to you.That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.It's not: This is me 100 years ago speaking in a classical voice.It' ... read more

 please donate to harmony haven (life / help / charity)

Please DONATE to Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding Horse Rescue's fundraiser to build better shelter for the winter. Thanks. Please donate by clicking here. Thank you! Or go here: harmonyhaven.wordpress/donations And, l ... read more