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basecamp personal (education / technology / computers)

Looks useful: A collaborative calendaring solution, like potlucks, scout troop meetings, etc. ... read more

 a few more videos (family / holmes / elizabeth)

I finally edited these a little bit and uploaded them: Chandler hanging out Elizabeth's baby shower in February Elizabeth's b-day party in April All videos listed, below https ... read more

 walking the dogs (family / pets / )

It's something I do every night. I actually stopped for several months starting in May, I guess, when my back problems flared up. Then came my knee surgery, which kept me from walking much. Then I got to where I enjoyed not having to walk the dogs every freakin' n ... read more

 the day after (family / adoption / holmes)

Well, we're much more relaxed now that we've gotten past the court appearance. The problem now is getting Elizabeth to like us again. Today, she cried for the first time. She let me hold her, but my Russian words were not much consolation. She calmed down once our ... read more

 how to support this website (culture / writing / blog)

...should you be so inclined: Buy one of my books at Amazon or SmashWords, or Buy me a (virtual) cup of coffee, or Become a patron here, or Click on one of the ads sprinkled throughout the site. Thanks! ... read more

 haircut (culture / writing / blog)

Got a haircut today. Finally! What little I have left -- after all the stress at work and the stress of the recent back pain -- was getting pretty long and goofy-looking unless it was wet and slicked back. Anyway, I was sitting there in my chair getting my hair cu ... read more

 time for trees (life / health / environment)

Time for Trees. Another worthy cause. ... read more

 we did it! (life / health / )

copied from Lori's email Hello Everyone!!! I am so excited to tell everyone the great news!!! We did it! Cure JM was number 1 at midnight last night! Because of all of our wonderful friends and family we were able to win the 250K grant from Pepsi! This money ... read more
new lithium ion battery design allows electric vehicles to be charged in just 10 minutes
The design allows EVs to be recharged for a range of 200 to 300 miles--and the battery can be recharged more than 2,500 times. ... read more

 more pictures of elizabeth in california (family / holmes / elizabeth)

Bill on Rosie, while Jeannie, Tara, even Shayden, fall for Elizabeth's attention-getting antics. ... read more

 elizabeth's first video! (family / holmes / elizabeth)

Elizabeth's directorial debut. A probing, provocative, sometimes introspective look at a typical weekend around the house with Mama and Papa and the pugs. Elizabeth's first video ... read more

 british problems (culture / humor / )

Stumbled upon this and thought I'd share. Here's a sample... Look, buddy, I get it . You have a Ferrari and you wanna go fast like Ricky Bobby but maybe central fcking London isn't the place for you.Phone doctors at 7.59 surgery is closed Phone doctors at 8 ... read more
9-year-old who got in trouble for doodling in class now has job drawing on restaurant walls
This 9-year-old artist used to be scolded by his teachers for drawing in class--but he now has a job as a resident restaurant artist. ... read more

 we're in astrakhan (family / adoption / holmes)

After a nerve-wracking trip to the airport and getting through the airport security we finally made it to our plane. We were told that our Rep, Galina, would be flying with us. We never saw her until we were already on the plane. She was one of the last passengers ... read more

 puttin' on the ritz in moscow (culture / dance / )

via Puttin' on the Ritz in Moscow Hundreds of dancers joined together in Moscow on 26.02.2012 to perform together a great flashmob of Puttin' on the Ritz ... read more

 good friday (culture / writing / blog)

It WAS a good Friday. There was nothing religious about it. If you know me at all, that wouldn't surprise you. I was just reading my previous post and wanted to have something more positive this time. We're all still adjusting to each other and getting better at ... read more

 paying off a credit card (life / money / )

That's a nice headline, and it felt good doing it today. Granted, the bulk of the balance was simply transferred to another credit card. But still ... :) I also closed out the checking account associated with the card, making sure to close ... read more

 roanoke (life / travel / )

I'm home after a long trip to Roanoke, VA and back. It was quite an experience overall. The 1-3/4 hour drive to SMF was punctuated by the puppy screaming and howling in the crate behind me in the van. She messed the newspapers once and I stopped and changed them. ... read more

 writers need followers? (culture / writing / )

Publishers and writing gurus preach that writers need followers. The problem is that emotionally-stable people don't want followers, they want friends, compatriots, people who listen, not followers. Especially zombie followers. They're the worst! :) ... read more

 bee-friendly plants? think again. (life / health / )

Good info. I wonder if Ace Hardware stores are any better? Probably need to buy my plants from the farmer's market. via Bee-friendly plants? Think again. ... read more

 diary, 2008/11/07 (culture / writing / blog)

Well, I had a hell of a day. It started off normally enough, though it was raining, which is increasingly rare around here. I dropped Elizabeth off at school on my way to work, and from there my day took a wrong turn. I took side streets the rest of the way to wo ... read more