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The Lazy Pug Cafe -- As recently as a few months ago, the Lazy Pug Café was nothing more than a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse. Set back just forty yards from the road – closer than most out in the country – it had a beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree out back. Abandoned years ago, the old estate's only purpose lately had been to serve as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. Locals witnessing its resurrection these past few months were grateful someone was finally bringing the "old girl" back to life. William Arthur Holmes Connect to us on Amazon Author Connect to us on Facebook Connect to us on Instagram buy us a coffee? Connect to us on Patreon RSS feed Connect to us on Twitter Connect to us on Vimeo WordPress blog Connect to us on YouTube

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Yes, a mask might help if it's N-95 and you are actively sneezing and coughing and you're infected but, otherwise, no. See WHO recommends against masks in most cases. I need to screenshot that page and put it on a t-shirt. You might also look here.
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cassette_converter.jpg cassette tape converted to mp3 ( in culture, music, tech )

Cool! I am getting one of these. I am including an affiliate link here. This sounds like a scam post, but I really am going to buy this! :)UPDATE: Piece of crap. Do NOT waste your time or money. There is a constant hum in the background of my sample recorded ... read more

xmas-bells.gif christmas jokes ( in culture, humor, jokes, christmas )

A Christmas Story One day, this past December, I was rushing around trying to get some last minute shopping done. I was stressed out and not thinking very fondly of the Christmas season right then. It was dark, cold, and wet in the parking lot as I was loading my ... read more

emissions_convo.jpeg emissions test ( in culture, humor, auto )

A mostly one-way text conversation I had with my wife, Tara, yesterday while she worked and I tried to get her car emissions tested. I was laughing at my own situation after a while, wondering what could possibly go wrong next. I never did get it tested because ... read more

terrydan.jpg music by an old friend ( in culture, music )

Terry Dan Click here for YouTube or here for Facebook. ... read more

thought.jpg thoughts on writing ( in culture, writing, advice )

Louis L'Amour once said he could write while sitting in the middle of the freeway. That didn't impress me at the time, but now it does. Not one, but two dogs threw up behind me as I wrote. Was that a commentary on my writing? Wouldn't be the first tim ... read more

featured book

Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo

Anti-corporate crusader Dobie Pokorny wants to save the world. His old boss, Colonel Charonne, wants to stop him. On his "speaking truth to power" tour, Dobie meets and falls in love with Kaylie while enduring attacks at every turn. Can they outrun Charonne and his minions? Will Major Watson steal her away? Is she too good to be true? And, what is up with the little blue alien?

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It was in Las Cruces that things got weird. Dobromir "Dobie" Pokorny was well into his "speaking truth to power" tour in support of his latest book -- his manifesto -- Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo. He had driven north for dates in Kentucky and Indiana before deciding that getting mugged in a Muncie parking lot was his cue to turn around and head back south, or at least southwest. With stops in Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas along the way, he ...

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presented without comment ( in education, news, rss, )
TOTAL U.S. DEATHS (ALL CAUSES) YEAR -- TOTAL DEATHS -- U.S. DEATHS/MONTH -- REFERENCE 2020 so far -- 2,838,000 -- 236,000 -- CDC DATA 2019 -- 2,855,000 -- 238,000 -- CDC DATA 2018 -- 2,839,205 -- 237,000 -- CDC DATA 2017 -- 2,813,503 -- 234,000 -- CDC ... read more
kitten survives 30-mile drive in engine compartment of car ( in education, news, rss )
Animal rescuers in Britain said a kitten survived a 30-mile journey under the hood of a car, and now has a new home with the vehicle's ... read more
anglers on california river reel in live pipe bombs ( in education, news, rss )
A pair of anglers on a California river ended up calling the authorities when they reeled in a pair of particularly deadly catches -- homemade pipe ... read more
using self compassion and acceptance to heal from trauma and ptsd ( in education, news, rss )
September 4th, 2020 by Dr Matthew Welsh Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone ... read more
coup 53, palantir public, market manipulation — new world next week ( in education, news, rss, )
Coup 53, Palantir Public, Market Manipulation — New World Next Week ... read more


 51 years ago ( in culture, humor, quotes )

"I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's going to be impossible to buy a week's groceries for $20." "Have you seen the new cars coming out next year? It won't be long before $2000 will only buy a used one." " ... read more

 action films on netflix ( in culture, movies-tv, humor )

Almost half of all action films on Netflix have a variation of this description: "He thought he was retired, but has to do One. Last. Job! ... read more

newly discovered radio station ( in culture, music, radio )

I just got my car back from the shop. $1500. Ouch! On the way home, though, I turned on the radio. All my preset stations were gone. Right. Whenever they reset the onboard computer, it resets my radio station presets. Kinda weird that it would, actually. Doesn ... read more

new rules for writers ( in culture, writing, advice )

Anis Shivani: New Rules For Writers: Ignore Publicity, Shun Crowds, Refuse Recognition And More. These rules totally go against every prescription for writing success you'll hear as a young new writer from all quarters: the conformity-driven MFA system ... read more

poetry ( in culture, writing, poetry )

A Prince in Disguise A Saga of Seven Hats People you'll be missing and why THE RUN ... read more


identity theft protection ( in education, news, crime )

Attorney's Advice - No Charge Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice! A corporate attorney sent the following out to the employees in his company: Do not sign the bac ... read more

spot the psycho before they spot you ( in education, research, people )

Activist Post: Spot the Psycho Before They Spot You. We hang the petty thieves, and appoint the great ones to public office. — Aesop ... read more

 earth's nearest dwarf planet ceres is a 'waterworld' that harbours a salty ocean ( in education, science )

The reservoir on the minor planet, which orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter, lies beneath a 20 million year old crater known as Occator - and could harbour ... read more

supermarket meat tainted with drug resistant bacteria ( in education, health )

Supermarket meat tainted with drug-resistant bacteriaAnother reason to go vegetarian, although their math isn't right. Forty-seven percent is much worse than 1 in 4. Maybe we should actually read the article? :) via 1 In 4 Supermarket Meat Samples Tainted W ... read more

rfk jr. on jfk's attempts to end the cold war ( in education, history )

RFK Jr on JFK's attempts to end the cold war"Bolshakov smuggled a letter, the first of 21 declassified in 1993, to JFK's press secretary, Pierre Salinger, in a folded newspaper. In it, Khrushchev expressed regret about Vienna and embraced JFKs proposa ... read more


 parenting tip #426 ( in family, advice )

Parenting Tip #426: When taking out recycling/trash, check its contents. I almost threw out our daughter's purse and wallet! #parentingtips ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 1 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

The Holmes Family Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1, Since 1989 May 25, 1989 Editor's Note: This may be the only issue, so pay attention! Announcements Well, the big news, of course, is Steve and Denise's engagement. The wedding is set for the weekend before T ... read more

 settling in ( in family, holmes, elizabeth )

I just thought I'd mention that Elizabeth is settling into her new life pretty well. Tara is her full-time parent, I just appear after work and on weekends. :) Even then, it's Tara who does most of the work. Elizabeth's biggest hurdle so far has been getting us ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 2 no 12 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

The Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 12, September 17, 1990 "Your Only News Source" It's a girl!! We asked Denise if she could hurry up and have the baby because we wanted to put out this issue. And, sure enough, she had the baby two weeks early! Wasn't t ... read more

an email exchange ( in family, holmes, bill )

From: Bill Holmes Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001, 2:59 PM To: Tara McKinney Subject: rescheduled again Better not bring any boyfriends home tonight.  I'll be here, after all.  It's been rescheduled for tomorrow. Got a call from TekSys ... read more


 help ( in life, help )

People Charity Navigator Create the Good Donate your excess clutter Grameen Foundation Hands on Nashville Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding and Horse Rescue You can use AmazonSmile instead of plain old Amazon. Choose Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding & Hors ... read more

 california state fair tacos ( in life, health, food, recipes )

1 potato (about 4 inches long) ¼ head lettuce 3 cloves garlic 6 green onions 1 pound lean ground beef 1 cup water ½ small can green chilies Salt and pepper 12 - 14 white corn tortillas Vegetable oil ... read more

antibiotics can have severe lasting effects ( in life, health, drugs )

Choose raw horseradish or these natural remedies instead from Antibiotics can have severe lasting effects "(NaturalNews) Antibiotics should really be a last resort when you are feeling unwell, and the misuse of them is leading to more and more bugs becoming ... read more

 thought for the day ( in life, health, mental )

I was noticing how I'm not as good of a speller as I used be, or at least not as quick. Old age, I figured. Brain deteriorating. Oh well. Then I decided it's not necessarily that big a deal when certain brain synapses or pathways/habits die or just get wo ... read more

after losing hope of ever finding their dog, pup is finally found living like king ( in life, animals, pets )

via https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/alabama-man-finds-dog-living-life-large-in-prison/Although this pup's owners were frantic with worry over his disappearance, he was found only days later living like a king amongst the local pri... ... read more