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rumi quote (culture / quotes / )

Anything you lose comes round in another form -- Rumi ... read more

 i love my daughter (family / holmes / elizabeth)

There's something on the kitchen counter. I'm thinking it's a shriveled, rotting potato. Not that we usually have that sort of thing on the counter, but that's what I'm thinking. I point at it and ask my wife, What is that? Elizabeth's rock, wife deadpans. S ... read more

 make your own toothpaste (life / health / )

Make your own (healthy) toothpaste here: make-your-own-safe-natural-and-healthy-tooth-pastes-and-tooth-cleansers-1955 Virtually all commercial toothpastes contain one or both of two problematic ingredients: fluoride and glycerin. ... read more

 good start (culture / sports / )

The NFL got off to a good start today, the first real games of the season.Both of my teams, the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers, won!The Titans were a surprise over the Steelers.The Niners won as expected even though they were playing the Packers.Normal ... read more

 videos on vimeo (family / holmes / elizabeth)

Not much new here, other than Elizabeth's dance class video. They might be new to you, though: ... read more

good news network (education / news / altmedia)

good news network ... read more

 much better visit today (family / adoption / holmes)

Elizabeth (a.k.a. Masha) was much happier today. We were told that the orphanage caretakers probably were not telling her that we would be taking her away, but who knows? She let me fly her around the room again, which made her laugh. We played piano. Yester ... read more

tuesday (family / adoption / holmes)

Just some random notes this morning There's a real stray dog problem in Russian cities; or, at least Moscow and Astrakhan. A lot of people even apparently let their dogs run loose. They're almost all large dogs. The small ones don't survive. There's a real ... read more

 visiting old sacramento (life / travel / )

Observations while walking around Old Sacramento with Elizabeth: Jul 14, 2018 2:38pm As I sat on a bench in touristy Old Sacramento, a little boy walked by and asked Are you a statue? I had to laugh. There was a statue/wooden carving of a man on the next bench ... read more

 skora mweh tam boojum (family / adoption / holmes)

Translation: We'll be there soon. This time next week, actually. I really want to be able to communicate with our daughter Elizabeth when we get there. I've been playing those language MP3's relentlessly for the past several weeks. Sometimes those phrases wil ... read more

 food matters film (culture / movies-tv / )

Finally watched this Food Matters movie last night. It was great. MD's and pharmaceutical execs will hate it, of course. Anyway, I highly recommend it. ... read more

 riding the metro (family / adoption / holmes)

We're going to attempt to ride the Metro subway to Red Square today. Wish us luck. The exits aren't numbered, they are listed by name ... in Cyrillic. Of course, the overhead announcements are in Russian. One helpful thing is that the announcements are in a male v ... read more
boating couple rescue struggling opossum in michigan channel
A couple out boating on a Michigan channel came to the rescue of an opossum they saw struggling to stay above the water. ... read more

 folding clothes (culture / writing / blog)

I thought I'd watch some sports while folding clothes (making up for my complete lack of doing chores yesterday). My choices were NBA basketball (where travelling is only called after 6 or 7 steps), bull riding (where I just feel sorry for the bulls), or a dog sho ... read more
house made from 612,000 recycled plastic bottles is also hurricane proof
John Vibes - A Canadian company developed a house from recycled plastic, which can withstand winds over 300 mph. ... read more

 lingmo language translator (education / language / )

Wow, I want one of these! Real-time language translation device whispers into your ear in real time as it's listening to the person speaking. ... read more

 elizabeth dancing! (family / holmes / elizabeth)

It should be available here: Elizabeth dancing! ... read more