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The Lazy Pug Cafe -- The Lazy Pug Cafe was a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse abandoned years ago, lately serving as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. With its beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree, Ol' Lightnin', out back, locals were grateful someone was finally bringing the William Arthur Holmes Connect to us on Amazon Author Connect to us on Facebook Connect to us on Instagram buy us a coffee? Connect to us on Patreon RSS feed Connect to us on Twitter Connect to us on Vimeo WordPress blog Connect to us on YouTube

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Yes, a mask might help if it's N-95 and you are actively sneezing and coughing and infected but, otherwise, no. See WHO recommends against masks in most cases. I need to screenshot that page and put it on a t-shirt. You might also look here.
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shopping_without_mask.png shopping without a mask in california documentary (part 1) ( in life, health, covid, shopping )

A protest video regarding this unwarranted, unlawful and un-Constitutional requirement for healthy people to wear masks. youtube.com/watch?v9Igaxv6Pryg&t20s I have started off at Emigh's Hardware in Sacramento to show what life is like fo ... read more

 psychopaths among us ( in life, people, )

Politicians are more likely than people in the general population to be sociopaths. I think you would find no expert in the field of sociopathy/psychopathy/antisocial personality disorder who would dispute this That a small minority of human beings literally hav ... read more

wallpapers/budapest-horse-racing.jpg movies and tv shows filmed in budapest ( in culture, movies-tv )

I was researching this for my next possible novel, and thought other, better novelists might find it useful: Love and Death Etoile Music Box Howling V: The Rebirth The Cremaster Cycle Gloomy Sunday Au Pair In the Beginning An American Rhapsody Last Run ... read more

cartoon-bug-virus.jpg plandemic movie ( in life, health, covid, movies-tv )

Here is the movie Plandemic that YouTube and Facebook have censored: on bitchute.com Full PLANDEMIC Documentary COMING SUMMER 2020 Prior to the completion of the full-length documentary PlanDemic we will be releasing a series of vignettes. This is the first ... read more

spaz.gif humorous quotes ( in culture, humor, quotes )

Somethin' to think about Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun. How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on. I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the peopl ... read more

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The Lazy Pug Cafe

The Lazy Pug Cafe was a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse abandoned years ago, lately serving as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. With its beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree, Ol' Lightnin', out back, locals were grateful someone was finally bringing the "old girl" back to life. Come meet the pugs Daisy, Chandler and Joey! There's cats and humans, too, but it's all about the pugs! After all, Pugs Rule!

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As recently as a few months ago, the Lazy Pug Cafe was nothing more than a dilapidated old two-story farmhouse. Set back just forty yards from the road, it had a beautiful old weeping willow in front and a massive ancient oak tree out back. Abandoned years ago, the old estate's only purpose lately had been to serve as a sad but charming reminder of days gone by. Locals witnessing its resurrection these past few months were grateful someone was fi...

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leading lights: the sustainability champions making uk culture greener ( in education, news, rss, )
via https://www.positive.news/lifestyle/arts/the-sustainability-champions-making-uk-culture-greener/The arts can inspire people to engage with the climate crisis. We meet three people driving positive change in UK culture Leading lights: the sustainability champio ... read more
colorado battles largest wildfire in state history ( in education, news, rss, )
via https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/10/17/colorado-battles-largest-wildfire-in-state-history/Olivia Rosane - For the second time this year, Colorado is battling the largest wildfire in state ... read more
new issue of positive news features projects giving young people of colour a ( in education, news, rss, )
via https://www.positive.news/society/new-issue-of-positive-news-out-now/New issue of Positive News features projects giving young people of colour a voice ... read more
the america of today in 12 minutes ( in education, news, rss, )
via https://www.garydbarnett.com/the-america-of-today-in-12-minutes/By: Gary D. Barnett This is a short video by Larken Rose that explains in story form how America became a country of slaves believing they were free. This is a masterful explanatory production, an ... read more
interview 1587 -- vanessa beeley debunks a bbc hit piece ( in education, news, rss, )
2020-10-20VanessaBeeley.mp3/audioVanessa Beeley joins the program to discuss the BBC's forthcoming hit piece on journalists like herself who dare call out the White Helmets as a foreign-founded, foreign-funded, ... read more


blog content ( in culture, writing, blog, internet )

I'm as guilty as anyone about trying to add content to my blog just for the sake of content (because search engines look for and rate highly based on how fresh your blog's content is). But someone whose blog/newsletter I subscribe to has stooped to simpl ... read more

1-2-3 day! ( in culture, writing, blog, numbers )

Today is 1-2-3 day! January 23. Exciting, right? Just think, twenty-six years from today it'll be 1-2-3-4-5 day! I'll probably be dead by then, but somebody will enjoy it! ... read more

 artwork ( in culture, art )

Julian Beever's Sidewalk Art Art by Will Gray Edwards Jana's Palickovanie Some VERY cool animation! ... read more

10 tv series with conscious themes -- if you're looking for something good ( in culture, movies-tv )

via collective-evolution.com "As the Founding Director of the Tribeca Film Festival, former Head of Content for GAIAMTV (Gaia), and now Founder and CEO of Conscious Good..." See also, decent series? ... read more


 san francisco in 1906 ( in education, history )

Things were a lot more freely-moving back then. And the kids seemed to be having fun. Reminds me of Russian traffic today, only they have slightly newer forms of transportation now. :) via san-Francisco-1905-historical-footage "A film taken from a streetcar ... read more

 children prefer storybooks that explain why and how things happen ( in education, science, research, stories )

via sciencedaily.com Children have a never-ending curiosity about the world around them and frequently question how and why it works the way it does. Researchers have previously demonstrated that children are interested in causal information, but had not yet lin ... read more

 her own language ( in education, language, elizabeth )

I love how my daughter, Elizabeth, 9, makes up words. Tonight I was complimenting her on what a good fruit smoothie she'd just made. I said she should always try to remember how much of each ingredient she used so she can make it again. So, she was going thro ... read more

 today's front pages ( in education, news )

Cool website for news junkies: https://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages ... read more

something to ponder ( in education, history )

Railroad tracks The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Because that's the way they built them in England, and English expatriates designed the US railr ... read more


tell your pet you love them ( in family, pets, )

via Hearing 'I love you' from their owner makes pups' heart rate skyrocket by 46 percent, study shows If you ever wondered how strong your furry friends' love is for you, here's your answer. ... read more

 what a day! ( in family, adoption, holmes )

Where to begin... The original plan was for us to go to the Minister of Education and submit our dossier and then formally receive our referral. What really happened:Galina called the ministry this morning only to find out that they were closed in the morning sup ... read more

 chandler ( in family, pets )

Chandler's a good dog. He's been through a lot in this life (before we adopted him) and will probably never fully recover. Never fully trust anyone again. I know the feeling. Maybe that's what we have in common. Whatever it is, I just love the heck out ... read more

 travel day ( in family, adoption, holmes )

We fly out today. It would've been nice to have gotten one last good night's sleep, but the cat made sure that didn't happen. Stupid cat. Anyone want one? Seriously. She's very pretty; and sweet when she's not keeping you from sleeping. I'l ... read more

holmes family newsletter vol 1 no 8 ( in family, holmes, newsletter )

The Holmes Family Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 8, October 23, 1989 earthquake!   Where were you when it hit? Don was just leaving his office on the 15th floor in downtown San Francisco when the whole building started to shake. "I survived," said Do ... read more


 old age discrimination suit vs google ( in life, money, employment )

"The California Supreme Court unanimously agreed that a trial court erred in dismissing a complaint by Brian Reid, who was hired in 2002 as a director of operations and engineering, and fired less than two years later at age 54 after being told he was not a g ... read more

 drop the diet drinks ( in life, health, food )

via Diet drinks TRIPLE risk stroke dementia "Diet drinks TRIPLE your risk of stroke and dementia, and are FAR more dangerous than drinks sweetened with sugar. Boston University researchers found aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener, wreaks havoc on the arteri ... read more

tsa misses guns, bombs in tests ( in life, travel )

"While the government agency responsible for securing the nation's transportation system harasses honest citizens with invasive, genital-groping personal searches, guns and bombs regularly get past inept Homeland Security screeners. At major airports through ... read more

 ex monsanto genetic engineer warns about potential health risks of gmo potatoes ( in life, health, food )

via https://www.collective-evolution.com/2020/06/11/ex-monsanto-genetic-engineer-warns-about-health-concerns-of-gmo-potatoes/According to many, there are multiple health concerns that arise from the genetic engineering of our food. On top of this are multiple mass ... read more

 the effects of fluoride ( in life, health, water )

See articles below on the effects of fluoride. Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal Building a Database of Developmental Neurotoxicants: Evidence from Human and Animal Studies Impact of fluoride on neurological devel ... read more

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