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good explanation of the "annexation" of crimea (education/history/)
In response to us-issues-new-russia-sanctions-over-profiting-on-crimean-resort. Reprinted without permission from T ... read more

job listing (life/money/employment)
I get these job listing emails (just in case something awesome comes along). This latest one (probably created by ALI (artificial lower intelligence)) said they have "several jobs just for you": Hospice Aide (Los Angeles), Chaplain ... read more

another grammar complaint (education/language/)
I used to be able to spot junk email by its bad grammar, spelling and punctuation. Now, even "legitimate" emails often fail the test. It makes the grammar Nazi in me very sad. ... read more

barney fife lives! (education/news/crime)
Can you say over-reaction? ... read more

draft horses pull big rig up hill (family/pets/)
Wow! A Minnesota couple harnessed their Belgian draft horses to help a semi truck driver whose vehicle was stuck on an icy driveway. ... read more

saturnalia (education/history/)
At no time in the history of the early Christian church was it ever thought that the birth of Christ took place on 25 December. In fact, Jesus' birthday was not celebrated at all until the mid-4th century. Oh, and the lighting of cand ... read more

novels, novellas, 99 cents, last train out, operation detour, lottery president, temporary insanity (culture/writing/books)
Each of my novels/novellas is now 99 cents (or FREE through Kindle Unlimited) (link). Temporary Insanity is FREE on Lulu. Oth ... read more

opting out of ads (education/technology/computers)
Useful site here to opt out of various online ads: Some of the biggest name brands, however, always seem to be conveniently unavailable. ... read more

how to take your own passport photo (life/travel/)
I was having a hard time converting a digital photo down to the correct 2"x2" physical size. Then I found this article: take your own passport photos. At first, I was thinking "Tell me something I don't know." Then I saw the link to t ... read more

usb turntable (culture/music/)
I'm buying one of these: USB turntable. I've been wanting to convert my old vinyl records to MP3 for quite a while now. I hope it works! ... read more

quote on tolerance (culture/quotes/)
"Total tolerance is not a virtue, it is a total lack of principles." — Plainsman 2016 ... read more

coins (life/money/)
Woo-hoo! I took the old cookie (coin) jar to the Coinstar machine today (11.9% "fee", are you kidding me?!). I came away with $93.54! It rejected a few coins, repeatedly, forcing me to just pocket them. One of those was an elongated p ... read more

good quasi-clay-mation video (culture/movies-tv/)
Great first video from several years ago by my niece here: Her current YouTube channel is here: ... read more

couple of good ones (culture/humor/jokes)
and and, this just in, something to settle the argument... ... read more

big pharma in maryland (life/health/safety)
Josh Mazer is pro-vaccine, but wants vaccines to be based on sound scientific evidence and not to cause more harm than good. He also believes in providing informed consent on the risks/dangers of each vaccine. via ... read more

words to live by (life/help/)
Stay loose, keep moving, stay true to yourself... always. This is pretty good advice, too, though. ... read more