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My and Tara's wedding reception 2001 images Still photos Eleanor, June, Greg, Linda, Frank Jayson, Ronica Ronica, Sandie, Tara, Stephanie Becky, Tara, Bill Crowd 1 Crowd 2 Crowd 3 Short videos (thanks to Jays... read more


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Engaged... finally! Tara and I are finally getting married. We've "felt married," but now we're making it official, just for the sake of making it official. :) The actual wedding will be August 22, which we've always c... read more


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From: Bill Holmes Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001, 2:59 PM To: Tara McKinney Subject: rescheduled again Better not bring any boyfriends home tonight. I'll be here, after all. It's been rescheduled for tomorrow. Go... read more

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