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World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders

by doug - 2022-02-28 ( education / research / politics / conspiracies )

He names more than I ever heard before. Since Putin is one of them, it's interesting to see the war game the globalists are playing.


I think many are compiling a list so we can all shame them. I suppose you saw in Canada's parliament a question was asked about how many exist there, and they pretended not to understand... after saying it's a good question!!

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Yes, the timing of this war is awfully suspicious. Just in time to distract us from the waning/failing covid narrative as well as distract us from the revelation that it was in fact Hillary Clinton behind the fake "2016 election tampering by Russia." Russia is clearly the designated "bad cop" in the perpetual "good cop / bad cop" routine the world's "elites" have been running for decades. - bill, 2022-02-28 07:04:30
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