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What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Covid "Vaccines"

by admin - 2021-06-15 ( life / health / covid / vaccines )

They don't know much more than you, and are too lazy (they call it "busy") to do their own research. Basically, the "cure" is worse than the disease. But, sure, go ahead and make yourself a Guinea pig.

"What is the risk for dying from Covid-19 versus dying from the "vaccine?" For Americans under age 50 the chances of dying from serious side effects induced by the "vaccine" are worse than dying from Covid-19 itself.

Death rate:

  • Pfizer RNA "vaccine" -- 6.50%
  • Astra Zeneca "vaccine" -- 6.83%
  • Covid-19 -- 2.80%"
  • Source: FreeNations

    Read the entire article here

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