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Three Deaths -- 1 Supervisor And 2 Drivers -- After They Got Vaxed

by doug - 2021-04-20 ( life / health / covid / vaccines )


"Of all the threats we're facing right now, the mRNA "vaccine" is the most pressing and immediate."
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Also, my son is good friends with several people who drive public buses in Sacramento. This week there have been 3 deaths -- 1 supervisor and 2 drivers -- after they got vaxed. He says about 40 drivers refuse the suicide juice.

Just as one of my articles predicted, there will be a shortage of people to hold various jobs as the depopulation agenda moves forward.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not medical professionals but can comprehend the various articles linked on this site. Think for yourself. Make up your own mind. Those of us with reading comprehension skills and healthy immune systems are much better off trusting our own body rather than the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry.

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