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The Shower Cure

by anonymous - 2021-06-20 ( life / health / water )

[One man's opinion based on experience. Use your own best judgment.]

I had a liver/gall bladder problem 30 years ago when I, thankfully, had no health insurance. The doctor confirmed I had high liver enzymes. My wife put me on a water fast for 3 days and it mostly went away. For a year I took something called Actigal to dissolve the possible gall stone, but later I found "liver factors" from the health food store had the same effect. For years I've taken milk thistle supplements to clean the liver.

Over the years I've felt occasional pain in my right side after drinking too much Coke or anything else with phosphoric acid. Sometimes even root beer with no phosphoric acid but plenty of high fructose corn sugar ,would give me trouble. Typically, I'd wake up thinking I had slept on my right side wrong only to recognize it was my liver. I'd drink a lot of water and stay off the soda and I'd be all right. That attack 30 years ago was due to weight loss and a daily Coke or two from the vending machine at work. A doctor on the radio once said the liver doesn't like weight loss.

Well after a hard day of work Friday, I woke up this morning, Saturday, at 2:30am with the right side pain that I thought was from sleeping hard in a bad position. I'd intentionally been losing weight, but not rapidly, by eating mostly eggs. That was my diet on Friday and about every other day. I'd also had an A&W root beer at work, and some vodka at home to relax -- I almost never drink, but thought/hoped it would lower my blood pressure and make me sleep better.

So this Saturday morning I started drinking water, then juice, because I noticed I was thirsty and dehydrated but my body didn't want to pee. At my advanced age, I figured if I went to the hospital I'd probably leave in a box, because they'd see a payday in running a bunch of tests to justify some kind of "heroic" measures ending in my dying of "covid." Remembering that I seemingly visibly gained weight from my daily morning shower, I got in the shower. Within about 15 minutes I was no longer dehydrated and the liver pain went away. Seems my body can take in water through the skin. Probably anybody's can. Or maybe there's something else about water that cures. Anyway, I suggest to you, if you are sick or having any physical problems, get in the shower and stay in it as long as necessary. As I write this I'm becoming very thirsty again, so I'm headed back to the shower.

Try it if you're sick. It might help, and it can't hurt -- unlike a visit to the doctor.

The more severe the symptoms, the more chance your body can cure it simply, because it has your body's full attention. But the more severe the symptoms, the more likely an MD will take heroic measures to "fix" you.

UPDATE: Turns out, he had been working for hours on end in a backroom of a dialysis clinic where there was a constant odor of sulfur. He realized that was the cause of his problems, though he is not sure exactly what those vapors were that he was breathing in.

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how about just drinking more water, which your body is more likely to get inside it that through your skin, than HOPING your body will absorb it through your skin in a shower? I drink about a gallon a day, because I'm thirsty from exercise, when it's hot. - steve, 2021-06-20 11:36:25

Sometimes my body doesn't absorb water as well as it does other things, like juice. It just pisses it out and I still feel thirsty. This time I drank a lot of water, then juice, and was still extremely dehydrated. But the shower fixed that and got water to my liver when drinking it did not. - anonymous, 2021-06-21 06:35:49
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