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The Crucial Difference Between The Fall Of Sri Lanka And The Dutch Uprising

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Good point made here.

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The Crucial Difference Between the Fall of Sri Lanka and

the Dutch Uprising

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What we are seeing in Sri Lanka is system failure and that is nothing to celebrate.

There is no victory in system failure.

In fact, it is what these tyrants are counting on. It's part of the plan and it's been their business model for decades, as simple as the mafia movies on TV.

The World Bank and the IMF strong-arm world leaders into accepting loans that are designed to bankrupt the nation, while the CIA acts as management, secretly administering to the overthrow of national sovereignty and administering to the nation's wealth.

This international mafia organization has been doing it like this for years, because it always works.

They know that once the people become anry, hungry mob, they can be controlled like animals. And this reactive behavior is exactly what these Globalist crooks are counting on. It's why they are destroying the world's economies and creating a food crisis.

So the answer is to become proactive. And that is exacly what the Dutch are now showing us: How the people can achieve victory against the tyrants of the New World Order.

The prolific farmers of the Netherlands are the second-biggest food exporters in the world and they know that the World Economic Forum is planning on buying-up their land and cutting off the food supply for ions of people.

And they also know that the people united are an unstoppable force. And so, they united agains tyranny and peacefully, with unstoppable strength shut down the system.

The shelves in many stores are now empty. But it's on their terms and the people now have the upper hand -- as it should be -- and could be, everywhere, if we wanted.

The New World Order's plan is for all nations to collapse, which tells us that we must not wait until system failure.

We must act now.

Many people all over the world are now starting to rise up together with the Dutch farmers, rising up -- not as a reactive, hungry,ry mob -- but as a righteous people, united in a love for humanity.

Society is made up of We, the People and we must now peacefully take control of it. This is the path to victory.

And time is quickly running out. The lockdowns are coming back. China has announced 5 more years of lockdowns and if you're awake by now, then you know they're coming back everywhere, with quarantine camps and forced business closures, all designed to mentally break us and collapse society.

If we were to believe we're powerless and weak or domesticated pets, then yes, the only path would be to wait until the food runs out and then join thery mob.

But if we were to believe that we were righteous and powerful, then we would just fix it.

So, what's the plan, fellow humans?

Do we wait for the inevitable collapse and lose everything, celebrating system failure?

Or do we learn from the Dutch and take control of everything and fix the system so that it serves We, the People?

Running Time: 28 mins

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