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SD Gov. Kristi Noem Purging Conservatives In Legislature

by admin - 2022-05-07 06:11:00 ( in education, news) [php version]

As reported in the Gannett-ownedSioux Falls paper the Argus Leader. Gannett is a newspaper chain ultimately owned by Japanese SoftBank Group. Gov. Kristi Noem is taking a more activerole in this year's primary election season, including trading barbs with incumbent lawmakers not in... Read the rest here

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    Is TGP trying to undermine Noem's 2024 chances for the sake of Trump or DeSantis? She's not purging anyone, simply showing preference for some over others. And those executive orders from 2020 all say "should." They are not mandates. I would need to hear from actual SD residents to be convinced otherwise. - bill, 2022-07-07 14:46:02

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