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Red Pills

by doug - 2021-06-28 ( education / research ) [html version] rebuild

I just wrote this after finding a video exposing a guy named Charlie Ward who you probably have heard of and probably also suspected as being full of sh-t. The video proved it.


Maybe you do, but you may have some cult-like beliefs you are not willing to let go of. The truth isn't always convenient.

Are you willing to learn the truth no matter what or how the cards fall?

Last night I watched a video exposing someone in the "truther" community whom I suspected and don't follow, but last year in 2020 saw he became a relative superstar. Who is this person who was exposed as a grifter and a scam artist? I won't say in this message because I want to get across the concept of following the truth no matter where it leads before I challenge anyone about their preconceived belief system.

It's a question of discernment and I admit I have been fooled this past year at least a few times. Wishing and hoping for something can lead to a decision that makes one willing to go out on a limb and believe some information and justify to yourself that other people just can't see it. Yes, that is the case many times, but not all the time.

Take for instance people's incredible belief in the medical system - that they wouldn't lie to anyone, let alone harm someone on purpose. By now, most in the truther movement know that's blatantly false and they are a huge part of the world's problems.

But the truther movement has been so muddied by these chaos merchants that it's often we run into something that is mostly true, but they throw in something false and people just eat everything up as the total truth. I think the CIA is expert at this. They know how to tweak something just enough to get people to believe it, relying on many truthful parts to it, but end up sabotaging something with the fake or false part of it.

Just take the UFO situation. Most probably believe they exist, but there is so much disinformation surrounding it that it's hard to tell the difference many times.

So before you say to yourself "this person can't be lying" or "this person is just trying to attack a truth teller and has some hidden agenda" keep an open mind that perhaps you have been duped and be willing to find and sort out the truth from the fiction.

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