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When did your government stop lying?

Did they stop in 2020 and have continued to tell you the truth in 2021?

Was there any time in your past that you would have claimed governments lie to people? I bet there was. And if that's true, when did that practice stop?

Did you know the CIA coined the phrase "conspiracy theory" in the 1960s to stop people from investigating their involvement in the JFK assassination? It's a fact. And someone told me yesterday that there was something similar prior to this when the Nazis called people some word for similar reasons. I think and speculate Operation Paperclip (if you don't know about that yet, do some research) which brought these Nazis to the USA gave advice to Americans in the CIA because they were experts in propaganda.

If you know the definition of "conspiracy" there is no doubt they exist and are all over the place. Any effort to deny them is pure stupidity and willful ignorance. You'd have to either a propaganda pusher yourself or a complete fool.

It's been proven in federal court in Massachusetts that Twitter conspired with the US government to censor Americans who criticize government, for instance. Dr. Shiva's case revealed this nugget and has done American citizens an incredible favor that proves we have lost the 1st Amendment that includes free speech.

If you can't see we have lost free speech, I feel very sorry for your ability to cope with reality.

The truth is that government did lie, do lie and will ALWAYS LIE because they are not on your side, not your friends and are not interested in anyone but power, profit and control. 2020 has revealed this to an unbelievable degree. Nearly nobody was so aware just how bad it had gotten, but there were people sending out warnings for years, even decades.

If any of this rings true to you, it means you are a thinking person - a critical thinker. You don't believe everything you hear. But you may not have taken the necessary further steps to realize you've been fooled. You may have thought the government wouldn't possibly lie so big and bold as they have since 2020. You may have agreed to the 15 days to flatten the curve, but kept following the carrot on the stick when that never ended. You may have been the victim of the CIA brainwashing techniques from the big pharma mantra that "vaccines are safe and effective" and didn't do any research whether that was actually true. You may never have seen that big pharma giants have been convicted of knowingly killing people for decades but kept right on doing it because it was too profitable to justify stopping. And then you trusted "the experts" because of the fear campaign waged in the media that had people crapping their pants in fear of death, never thinking something is fishy going on and that you've been scammed.

But if you were fooled or coerced into taking the injection/s, and even your first booster, you still have time to realize you've been the victim of a monumental scam the likes of which this world has never seen before. It's the greatest lie ever told and it's amazing more people haven't caught on yet. That's where the CIA mind control is proving to be so effective. They are absolute evil masters at it - astonishing! Nobody wants to think they got duped, yet over 50% are still unaware of the scam. Luckily, about 50% really do know it's all a giant hoax.

Are you still wearing a mask? If so, proof you are a true believer in the fake science paid for by corporations with an agenda.

If you got the jab, more proof.

If you plan to get your 5+ year old children and grandchildren the shot, more proof.

Global depopulation is the agenda and anyone who survives these shots is destined to become a slave (not a joke - really a slave) who doesn't control what they want to do and when they want to do it - complete slavery and controlled by the ionaires who own the corporations.

But you can still realize what's going on. Maybe my message will help chip away to reveal the truth for you.

The solution seems impossible but is so simple - DO NOT COMPLY - JUST SAY NO

It's really that simple and would end tomorrow if all people would do this immediately.

Whether you were fooled but now realize the world is heading straight for fascism, whether you got the shot and now regret it, we must all unite and fight this immediately to save humanity.

And WHEN we win this fight, this world WILL be an incredible place. Hope you survive. If you don't wake up to see what's really happening all around the world, you will be one of the victims of this crime against humanity. And your children and grandchildren (if you will ever have any after your children got the shot and are now infertile) will live in a world that is dark and miserable beyond imagination.


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