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Renault Workers Protest Automaker's Plan To Axe Nearly 15,000 Jobs

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Workers have gathered outside the Renault plant in the suburbs of Paris after the company revealed plans to lay off 15,000 employees worldwide, with around a third of the cuts in France, as part of its 2 billion cost-saving plan. Read Full Article ... read more

Autonomous Cars Are Now Delivering Meals And Medication To At-Risk People In Quarantine

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A trio of cars deployed by Optimus Rides will be delivering as many as 5,000 meals to at-risk families across Southeast Washington DC.Good News Netw ... read more

Scotty Kilmer Explains New Car Repair

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You probably can't fix it yourself, and your mechanic might not be able to, either. Almost a metaphor for our times. See Scotty Kilmer explains new car repair. By the way, this guy's great. In various places he says: Honda makes the best engines but Toyota makes the best cars. The F ... read more

If Your Brakes Go Out

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If your brakes ever go out, just shift into Park. Better to ruin the transmission than to die! You're welcome!.Don't ask. :) ... read more

Shaking While Braking

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Three and a half hours in the Pep Boys waiting room is always time well-spent, wouldn't you agree? :) I'm home now, appreciating the comfort of my office chair, but Pep Boys seriously needs to consider putting more comfortable seats in their waiting area. I did get some thin ... read more

Auto Repair And Maintenance Estimates

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We hear this is a good website to estimate how much a car repair should cost.via Auto Repair and Maintenance Estimates  Auto Shop and Mechanic Ratings : RepairPal. "RepairPal independently certifies auto repair shops nationwide for superior training, quality tools, fair ... read more

How To Replace A Headlight Bulb In A Honda Accord

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How to Replace a Headlight Bulb in a Honda AccordI just followed their instructions to fix my wife's headlight (after she got pulled over and wa ... read more

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