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Kite Flying

by bill - 2011-05-01 ( culture / writing / blog / bill )

As it turned out, today was a good day for kite flying. Elizabeth, 6, had been bugging me about flying her new kite since returning from the vet this morning. We had brought all three pugs in to see Dr. Paula: Daisy due to recurrent painful skin irritations, which magically disappeared by the time Dr. Paula saw her; and Joey and Chandler to get their nails trimmed. She didn't charge anything for Daisy because there ended up being nothing to do. We were only charged for the nail trimming and some toothpaste for Joey because he has horrendous breath. You can't use human toothpaste on dogs. They make chicken-flavored toothpaste that dogs can just swallow, which works out well because it's hard to get a dog to rinse their mouth out, let alone gargle. :)

There was some excitement on the way home, just a quarter mile from Dr. Paula's. We had the windows down because it was such a beautiful day, and in flies this bumble bee, bounces off the steering wheel and lands under me, somewhere in the crotch area. I said, "Holy sht!" and pulled over as soon as possible while trying to keep my ass off the seat, avoiding getting stung, especially down there. I managed to stop the car and get out, found the bee still buzzing sideways, apparently delirious, right where I'd been sitting, and I flicked him out of the car. Of course, Elizabeth thought the whole thing was hilarious, and I had to apologize for my foul language. But hey, when a bee lands in your crotch, your usual composure and decorum tend to suffer.

Once back home, while I was outside trimming the edges (and struggling with the stupid trimmer to keep the line working), Elizabeth searched the entire house for her new kite that her cousin Valerie had given her for her birthday. Tara was taking a nap, so Elizabeth pretty much had free rein, which is always scary.

She then came outside with the kite and started putting it together on the driveway, all by herself. She tried flying it while I was still trimming, but later admitted that it wasn't going very well. Once finished with my trimming, I took a look at the kite, moved a couple pieces around, and that's when we discovered she'd forgotten the horizontal cross beam. "I'll go look in the package," she said. Sure enough, there it was, in two pieces. Once installed, it made all the difference.

We flew it a few minutes in front of the house on the sidewalk, but I got tired of dealing with the power lines and oncoming cars, so we adjourned to the conveniently empty and newly-mowed field on the hill behind our house. I had to poke a temporary hole through the fence by removing a couple of boards for us to squeeze through, but that was no problem and nails are easily replaced.

We spent a good hour up there just flying that little lady bug kite to our hearts' content. I was impressed with how quickly Elizabeth learned. At one point, she told me, "I'm an expert flyer." I just laughed and agreed. We have such a modest, humble child.

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That was a great story. Very cool. - Milan Holmes, 2011-04-30 17:18:49
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