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Time to Boycott Tyson Foods (and Now United Airlines and ...)

by bill - 2021-08-04 ( life / health / covid / vaccines )

See Tyson Foods Mandates COVID Vaccines for All 139,000 U.S. Employees, or the original article from Tyson here.

It is against the Nuremberg Code (that means it's immoral, kids) to force medical experiments upon the unwilling, and that's exactly what is happening here. These "vaccines" are experimental medical procedures, not vaccines. And no one should support any company that requires its employees to submit to such medical malpractice. There's no way of knowing which restaurant chains buy their meat from Tyson, but you can at least avoid them in the grocery store.

UPDATE: Add United Airlines to the list (which I'm sure will get pretty long). See United Airlines Mandates Injections For 67,000 Employees. Here is an email I sent to them:

Just wanted you to know that, for a couple of reasons, I will no longer use United Airlines: 1) your stupid mask mandates [they are ineffective and pointless], and 2) you are now forcing this "vaccine" upon your employees.

First they gave some people religious exemption, then placed those same people on indefinite unpaid leave. Such scumbags.

If thousands of people write letters/emails and that sort of thing, maybe these spineless idiot corporations will rethink their decisions.

Delta, Southwest and American Airlines have no such requirement (so far).

Add insurance giant Cigna, American Airlines and GoFundMe.

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