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I Just Donated To America's Frontline Doctors

by bill - 2021-05-28 ( life / health / covid ) help fight the medical and political tyranny behind this push for unnecessary "vaccine"s and quarantines. Please consider doing the same at the bottom of the following page:


  • They told us: "15 Days to Slow the Spread";
  • They advised us to lock our church and shop doors;
  • They banned early treatment with safe drugs;
  • They lied that masks protect from tiny respiratory viruses;
  • They tried to make us afraid of each other - to weaken us;
  • The Lancet and the NEJM published fraudulent studies;
  • They lied to weaken us: the frail died, the children suffered, and the middle class faltered;
  • Now they are coercing you to accept an experimental biological injection.

    America's Frontline Doctors spoke truth.

  • You knew they were lying, and you were hungry for the truth;
  • The truth resonates with free thinking human beings, and you heard us;
  • Remember... TRUTH is the death of propaganda;
  • You supported us; we could not have continued our work without your generous support.

    America's Frontline Doctors still speak truth.

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