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I Just Donated to America's Frontline Doctors

by bill - 2021-05-27 ( life / health / covid ) help fight the medical and political tyranny behind this push for unnecessary vaccines and quarantines. Please consider doing the same at the bottom of the following page:


  • They told us: "15 Days to Slow the Spread".
  • They advised us to lock our church and shop doors.
  • They banned early treatment with safe drugs.
  • They lied that masks protect from tiny respiratory viruses.
  • They tried to make us afraid of each other - to weaken us.
  • The Lancet and the NEJM published fraudulent studies.
  • They lied to weaken us: the frail died, the children suffered, and the middle class faltered.
  • Now they are coercing you to accept an experimental biological injection.

    America's Frontline Doctors spoke truth.

  • You knew they were lying, and you were hungry for the truth.
  • The truth resonates with free thinking human beings, and you heard us.
  • Remember... TRUTH is the death of propaganda.
  • You supported us; we could not have continued our work without your generous support.

    America's Frontline Doctors still speak truth.

    DISCLAIMER: We are not medical professionals but can comprehend the various articles linked on this site. Think for yourself. Make up your own mind. Those of us with reading comprehension skills and healthy immune systems are much better off trusting our own body versus the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry.

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