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Riding the Metropart deux

by bill - 2007-12-22 - ( family / adoption / holmes )

All three of us went to Red Square this time. I'm glad Tara was able to see it. Elizabeth was fascinated, too, but probably won't remember a thing.

We then had lunch at Sbarro in the underground mall, where Tara bought some more souvenirs.

One more night, then we leave! We'll see some of you Sunday night at the airport. Some of you others, well, who knows? :)

This is the last blog post in Russia!

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I'm glad you all got to go to the Red Square too. Elizabeth will remember it if you keep showing her the pictures (maybe). I wish I could be seeing all of you Sunday night too. Have a very good Christmas and Happy New Year! - Jeannie, 2007-12-22 01:39:38
She may retain some memories :) Probably more about Sbarro, though! LOL! Have a very safe flight and I'm so glad that part is almost over. Miss you guys! We'll try to make it back to TN this summer! - Auntie Em, 2007-12-22 02:02:35
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