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Picture of us before court

by bill - 2007-12-08 - ( family / adoption / holmes )

... from several days ago, the morning of our court appearance. Taken by the other adoptive family in town for their first trip, the Mees.

Bill and Tara before Court

We have one more visit today before we pick her up Monday. Our ten day wait is over tomorrow, but because that's Sunday, we wait until Monday. Then we start the process of getting her passport and visa, and wait another 5-7 days. We've already changed our return flight to Moscow in expectation of that second wait time being 7 days, but we'll change them again if we get to leave even earlier, although that's unlikely because of the weekend.

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this is a great pic of you two. i really like the red! i know your both anxious and nervous about monday but don't worry! it may be a little tough at first but you guys will be great and things will work out fine. - sandy, 2007-12-08 16:08:34
Looking good!!!! - Leslie, 2007-12-09 13:56:09
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