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Bowel movement

by bill - 2007-12-12 - ( family / adoption / holmes )

I like a headline that demands attention!

It's official, I'm a parent. Elizabeth had her first bowel movement since we've had her, and it was on my watch! Tara was unable to put Elizabeth down for a nap while I was out walking around town looking for groceries and sundry items. Once I returned, Tara decided to take a nap herself.

We had been a bit worried about the "BM situation." We even emailed the doctor at Vanderbilt. He replied and said don't worry, just give her more juice, etc., probably muttering under his breath, "And stop bothering me, dummy."

Anyway, during Tara's 1½ hour nap, Elizabeth had the BM, we played happily in the "living room" after that, she wandered off and peed her pants, I gave her a shower, and put clean clothes back on her. All firsts for me, I'm pretty sure. But really, once is enough. I can't wait until she's FULLY potty-trained and able to bathe and dress herself. :)

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Well I was about to go crazy waiting for an update, this was not quite what I was thinking the next update would be. But (no pun intended) this is important information. Congratulations, not quite sure the appropriate response in this situation. LOL. Can't help but think of Nanny and her daily detailed descriptions of all of Destiny's BM, including but not limited to size, color, texture and consistency.
LOL - Stephanie, 2007-12-12 03:30:01
That's disgusting! :) I forgot to mention what woke Tara up from her nap. Elizabeth was making another one of her endless demands, and I wasn't budging. She wanted juice or something for the 20th time. I said no, she started throwing and kicking things and screaming while I completely ignored her (after she stopped throwing things). THAT's what woke Tara up. I told Tara that will probably be the norm for a while. :) As to the recent lack of updates, Tara says "We don't have TIME to update!" :) - Bill, 2007-12-12 04:32:02
welcome to parenthood! you just THOUGHT you knew what to expect from raising the pugs! - sandy, 2007-12-12 08:13:36
I love that you emailed the doctor! They are used to crazy parents! When Joshua was about 2 he had his first tick. I removed it and put it in a cup and drove him to the after hours clinic demanding antibiotic to prevent lime disease. I tried to give the doctor the tick so he could have it tested, but he insisted that we could put the dead bug in the trash. - Ronica, 2007-12-12 09:38:55
wow. I couldn't resist that blog title. Congrats on being parents! And congrats on the BM! Awesome. : ) - aileen, 2007-12-12 13:10:47
YEAHHH!!! You've officially been welcomed into Parenthood.... now all you have to wait for is for her to throw up on you (or when you are looking straight at her and some ends up in your mouth!) I can now say that and not quiver - ah the joys of parenthood. I am so glad that things are moving smoothly now.... hahah!! Can't wait till you guys get home! - Leslie, 2007-12-12 15:11:48
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