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51-1/2 hours

by bill - 2007-12-15 - ( family / adoption / holmes )

That's how long before we leave Astrakhan for Moscow. Not that we're counting or anything. The bad thing about these in-country flights is that they don't use "jetways," those expandable tubes that protect you from the weather as you get on and off the plane. You are out there exposed on the tarmac, which is no fun in bad weather.

Once in Moscow, Elizabeth has to get a "physical" which really just verifies that she's a real live girl, nothing more. Then we go to the US Embassy to make Elizabeth a US citizen. Then we fly home. Hopefully, that'll happen on the 21st or earlier. If it is, we'll have to adjust our flights with Delta, but it'll be worth the penalty fee.

Then I get to go straight back to work. At least it'll be Christmas time, so hopefully that means things will be slow.

Otherwise, everything is fine on the Russian Front.

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It is almost over! I know it's been a trial but it's almost over. I hope to be able to come visit you, Tara, and Elizabeth in May. She should be very settled in by then. I know I wouldn't want to fly anywhere for a long time after this trip of yours. - Jeannie, 2007-12-15 04:00:18
You're right, Jeannie. I told Tara I'm never flying anywhere again. Well, not until Elizabeth is old enough to want to come back to Russia to find her roots. The adoption agency has a phrase for that return trip. Not "homecoming." It escapes me at the moment. - Bill, 2007-12-15 05:25:57
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