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The Truth About Electric Cars

( education / tech / transportation )
From: Anonymous See Electric-Cars... "At a neighbourhood BBQ I was talking to a neighbour, a BC Hydro executive. I asked him how that renewable thing was doing. He laughed, then got serious. If you really intend to adopt electric ... read more

Too Funny

( culture / humor / transportation )
This is too funny not to share. See German man's car found 20 years after he lost it in parking garage. "Almost every driver has been there — when parking in a large lot or garage, it ca ... read more

Wife's Jetta

( culture / humor / transportation )
Driving wife's Jetta while my car gets serviced. I called it a piece of $h! while I tried to climb out. Its door hit me in the forehead during the struggle. So, I guess we're even. ... read more

Lit Motors Builds A Car That Breaks The Rules

( life / health / environment / transportation )
via Lit Motors Builds a Car that Breaks the Rules. "Right now, electric cars are not sustainable, he says. The average electric car battery pack is four times larger than ours, with one-third the range. If ... read more

Ford's Hemp-poweredhemp-made Car

( life / health / environment / transportation )
I just thought this was interesting: And here's another article on the same subject: 10 X Stronger Than Steel In The 1940s ... read more

Diane's Icy Adventure

( life / travel / traffic / transportation )
Christmas night, Diane, on the way to a party, found herself in the fast line of the freeway with a car stopped in front of her and the brakes not working due to a patch of black ice. With cars and trucks honking on the right side, she had no choice but to steer for the shoulder, running over not one but two sign posts. The first sign, a tall one, ... read more

Which Airports Have Body Scanning Technology?

( life / travel / transportation )
Airports to avoid, if at all possible. Which airports have body-scanning technology? - "The TSA website lists all the airports using advanced-imaging technology to screen passengers. The website does not specify which type ... read more

New MP3 Player For My Car

( education / tech / transportation )
I am now the proud owner of this very cool device, here.Thanks to Heather and Brady for the suggestion! ... read more

A Day Without My Car

( culture / writing / blog / transportation )
I'm just testing this Windows Live Writer software. UPDATE: There's now a newer, open-source version here. It was a dark and stormy night ... No, it was an unusually cold day ... yeah, that's it ... for the first week of De ... read more

Bill And Tara's Excellent Adventure

( culture / movies-tv / restaurants / transportation )
It started out as an innocent attempt at "dinner and a movie" on a Saturday night. It turned into... Tara's nightmare! Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but still... We had dinner at Schlotzsky's, each of us ordering one of their 8" "personal" ... read more

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