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Mouthwatering Footage Of A Meal In The 3-Michelin-star Le Louis XV Restaurant In Monte Carlo

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Foodie Egor Appolonov filmed the 1,060-euro (£930) dinner he enjoyed with his wife, Anna, at Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse l'Htel de Paris restaurant in Monte Carlo. 'It's mind-blowing,' he said. ... read more

The World's Most Breathtaking Ports: The Ultimate List Of Places With Wonderful Waterfronts

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Water wonderful world of waterfronts. There's something undeniably romantic and enchanting about a beautiful harbour, as these spell-binding images from around the globe show. ... read more

The Sights Available To Explore On Google Street View, From The Pyramids To Epic Waterfalls

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Here we're presenting some of the most fascinating and thrilling places it's possible to gaze at using Street View, as chosen by Google Street View Program Manager Valentina Frassi. ... read more

'Sinister' Chinese Mussel Has Found Its Way Into British Waters

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First found in China, it has caused significant problems in other areas it has invaded. It can form dense mats of up to 1,500 mussels per square metre - which can suffocate scallops and oysters. ... read more

Asteroid That Wiped Out The Dinosaurs Created A Network Of Hot Waterways

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Researchers took soil samples from the Chicxulub crater that is buried underneath the Yucatn Peninsula in Mexico that was left behind by dinosaur asteroid. ... read more

Presence Of Proxima B Is CONFIRMED By Scientists Who Say It May Have Liquid Water And Host Life

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Scientists have confirmed the presence of the Earth-like planet Proxima b. The team determined it receives the same amount of energy from its star as Earth does from the sun, suggesting it may host life. ... read more

Sea Snakes Have Been Adapting To See Underwater For 15 Million Years

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Genes in the eyes of sea snakes evolved rapidly over the course of 15 million years to allow them to see underwater, according to an international team of scientists. ... read more

Teens See Plane Crash In Water, Rush In To Rescue Passengers

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Teens See Plane Crash In Water, Rush In To Rescue Passengers ... read more

Researchers Baffled By 'completely Weird' Underwater Tornado

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Researchers said a tornadolike formation caught on camera off the coast of Australia was "completely weird." ... read more

Alleged Thieves Wore Watermelons Over Heads At Grocery

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Police in Virginia said they have made an arrest in the case of two men who used watermelons as masks when they allegedly stole from a grocery stor ... read more

Americans Who Drink This Much Water A Day Were More Likely To Report Feeling 'Very H

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This poll says the more water you drink, the happier you feel--and those who feel they "don't drink enough water" more commonly reported f ... read more

Wet Wipes Clog All Four Pumps At Florida Wastewater Facility

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Utility officials in a Florida county are reminding residents not to flush wet wipes down the toilet after all four of the wastewater facility's pu ... read more

Salt Water Filter Invented

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Salt water filter invented See also, Will Graphene Supercapacitors Make Batteries Obsolete? ... read more

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