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Korean Soccer Team Apologizes For Sex Dolls In The

( education / sports / soccer )
A professional soccer team in South Korea apologized after the "mannequins" used to fill the seats during a game were identified as sex d... read more

Firefighters Free Stag With Antlers Caught In Soccer Net

( education / sports / soccer / humor )
Firefighters in Britain responded to a soccer field to rescue a stag found with its antlers entangled in a goal net. ... read more

Placing The Ball Sarcastically

( culture / sports / soccer )
OK, this has got to be the most hilarious excuse for a penalty. See placing the ball sarcastically ... read more

USMNT Fan-preferred Roster

( culture / sports / soccer )
Who do you want playing right now for the US Men's national soccer team (assuming everyone's available) for a hypothetical must-win game? VOTE HERE I like this lineup, here.... read more

My English Premier League Team

( culture / sports / soccer )
... read more

No More Penalty Shootouts!

( culture / sports / soccer )
I'm a huge soccer fan, but absolutely hate penalty shootouts. That is no way to decide a game. The winning team needs to be determined by playing the game, not through penalty kicks. That's like deciding an American football game by having five or six players from each team line up and kick field goals at the end of the game, ... read more

World Cup 2014

( culture / sports / soccer )
... read more

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