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Diary, 7/24/2010

by bill - 2010-07-27 ( culture / writing / blog / bill )

We all went to the Nashville Zoo today. My God it was hot ... and sticky. Luckily, Blue Bell Ice Cream was handing out free cups of vanilla ice cream, which we grabbed upon arrival and at departure. I think today was literally the hottest day yet this year.

When we got home I felt sorry for the vegetable garden and watered it with the "elaborate" hose system I've got connected to my three rain barrels. I had to empty one of them, anyway, so I could move it back in place after it had slid off its flimsy wooden foundation in a recent storm and had been leaning up against the other barrels ever since. You can imagine how heavy those 55 gallon barrels get when they're full.

This should make you laugh. Elizabeth just now came in, saying, "Hey, mister, you didn't kiss me goodnight." I immediately got up to follow her back to her room. Tara must have just finished her bedtime story. Of course, Elizabeth then changed "mister" to "monster" and had me chase her back to her room. In her room and kissing her goodnight - with her on the bed as she insists - Elizabeth barked, "Shave!" That's one of her latest things, complaining about my stubble, even when I shaved just a few hours before. Anyway, right after saying "shave!" she added, "You prick." Tara had to cover her mouth to keep from bursting out laughing. Elizabeth then added, "I don't like prick." Tara was cracking up behind her, but Elizabeth didn't notice. Elizabeth was obviously referring to my prickly stubble, unaware she had just called her father a prick. I'm glad she doesn't like pricks, though. That's good, right?

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hahaha! That's great! - Heather, 2010-07-25 11:54:27

HAHAHAHAA!! Hopes she keeps it up as she gets older. Pricks are bad. - Jinx, 2010-08-09 15:55:21
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