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Cruise Ship Industry Blasts 'vague' Foreign Office Advice Telling ALL Tourists Not To Go On Cruises

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Culture minister Caroline Dinenage said the government wanted to be 'a little bit more secure' that ships will not be plunged into coronavirus hotbeds once ... read more

Thoughts On Writing

( culture / writing / books / advice )
Louis L'Amour once said he could write while sitting in the middle of the freeway. That didn't impress me at the time, but now it does. Not one, but two dogs threw up behind me as I wrote. Was that a commentary on my writing? Wouldn't be the first time. As I told these guys in the job interview, If you're wondering wh... read more

Your Guide To Surviving A Crisis

( life / help / advice )
via http://feedproxy.google.com/r/corbettreport-articles/3/QXo75n6I-oM/ The question is: Are you ready for this? If not, here's your handy-dandy guide to surviving the end of the world as you've known it. ... read more

Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell

( family / pets / advice )
See how to get rid of dog urine smell for details, but it's basically hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, and lemon. ... read more

Best And Worst Self-Publishing Sites

( culture / writing / advice )
Good site showing who to trust (or not) when it comes to self-publishing: self-publishing-service-reviews... read more

'Listen To Old People & Hold Onto Your Idealism': World's Oldest PM Sends Advice To Youngest

( life / help / advice )
Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad, the world's oldest prime minister, has offered the world's youngest, Finland's Sanna Marin, some words of wisdom as she takes on her new role: Ask "old people" for their advice. via mahathir-marin-fin ... read more

Words To Live By

( life / help / advice / quotes )
Stay loose, keep moving, stay true to yourself... always. This is pretty good advice, too, though.... read more

How To Drain A Toilet

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
I realized halfway through the task of draining the toilet that I didn't know how. I'd never done it before. I've drained the tank plenty of times, but not the toilet bowl itself. It all started after I had to use a "snake" to unclog it. Th... read more

Never Combine These Over-the-counter Drugs

( life / health / advice )
pharmaceutical.pngNever combine these over-the-counter drugs - your life may be endangered via NaturalNews.com Good to know! ... read more

Sit Up Straight

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
... like my father always said. Apparently, there's more than just a physical benefit. via The Science Behind Posture and How It Affects... read more

Lessons In The Art Of Living

( life / help / advice )
Good guidelines. This snipped below is the most useful part: via Lessons in the Art of Living  Psychology Today. "In DBT dialectical behavior therapy, the skill is encapsulated in a mnemonic device known as DearMa... read more


( life / help / advice )
You're asking me?! Actually, here's some advice: People need to be listened to -- preferably agreed with -- more than anything else. If you could do one thing for someone that would be it. Controlling a bad habit can be like controlling a car. You have to get inside it and take the wheel. Rising above it doesn't always work... read more

A Few Tips

( life / help / advice )
Reheat Pizza Heat up leftover pizza in a non-stick skillet on top of the stove, set heat to med-low and heat till warm. This keeps the crust crispy. No soggy micro pizza. I saw this on the cooking channel and it really works. Easy Deviled Eggs ... read more

Mailbox Over The Limit

( education / tech / computers / advice )
QUESTION: I started getting notices that my mailbox is over its limit. I have archived items over 90 days. What else can I do to stop these messages?Isn't this pretty much the same as archiving to my hard drive?I use th... read more

Cat5 RJ45 Cable Pin Outs

( education / tech / computers / advice )
CAT5 RJ-45 Cable Pin-OutsCopied from tc.cc.tx.us/rj45-wiring-scheme.html and put here just in case their website removes it. ... read more

Missed Appointment

( education / tech / computers / advice )
Well, it's happened again, luckily for only the second time in my career. A customer called me to their house, only to not be home or pretend to not be home when I got there. People, if you change your mind, just call and cancel! T ... read more

More Advice For Writers

( culture / writing / advice )
It doesn't have to be great, but it DOES have to be FINISHED. -- William Arthur Holmes UPDATE: ...and then I saw that Lee Child had a similar quote, only better: "Don... read more

Converting IP V4 To IP V6

( education / tech / computers / advice )
This should be useful now that the world is converting to IP v6: emailtalk.org/IPV4ToIPV6.aspx... read more

Dare To Be Nice

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
(or friendly, even) once in a while instead of cool. As my brother-in-law says, Jus' sayin'.... read more

Data Recovery

( education / tech / computers / advice )
QUESTION: My hard drive has died, and I've lost valuable data. If you can't recover it for me, is there a service who can?ANSWER: Here's the best one I've found: Gillware... read more

New Rules For Writers

( culture / writing / advice )
Anis Shivani: New Rules For Writers: Ignore Publicity, Shun Crowds, Refuse Recognition And More. The... read more

Online Backup

( education / tech / computers / advice )
I'm trying out this online backup system called Nordic Backup.  So far, so good.  Click here... read more

Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

( education / tech / computers / advice )
Downforeveryoneorjustme?I LOVE this service! Go to downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ ... read more

Duplex Printing

( education / tech / computers / advice )
QUESTION: Duplex printing isn't working, but it worked before.ANSWER: Click Start, Control Panel, Printers and Faxes, right click and choose Properties on that printer. Click Device Settings tab, choose Duplex toward the b ... read more

Escape From Zip Ties

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
If you're ever unlawfully detained, this might be good to know: escape from zip ties - rear escape - front ... read more

External Hard Drive Gone Bad

( education / tech / computers / advice )
PROBLEM: I haven't totally written it off as dead, but my back-up external drive that holds 500gigs won't power on now. I made a back-up of all the data maybe a month ago, but there are some things I must have missed. In case I... read more


( education / tech / computers / advice )
Beware of this scam. Don't bother trying to get them to help you unlock your pc: hackers-gang-russian-bust. The fix is to download, UPDATE, and run ... read more

Free Remote Control Software

( education / tech / computers / advice )
This looks really good: teamviewer.com/index.aspx Of course, I've already been using the one from Zoho, too, here: ... read more

Good Advice

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
The following is a Chinese good luck tantra totem (a fancy way of saying good advice): Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully; Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their... read more

Software Updater

( education / tech / computers / advice )
CNET has created a fantastic new service called Tech Tracker that I wish I'd come up with. It tracks and keeps up to date all of the software on your computer! Mac or Windows! The only catch is that you have to create an account on... read more

Wireless Not Working

( education / tech / computers / advice )
QUESTION: No matter where I go, the wireless is not working.ANSWER: I just had to enable wireless by right-clicking on the icon at the bottom-right of the task bar and choose Enable Radio. I could then connect right into the wirel ... read more

Your Old Electronics Might Not Be Worthless After All

( education / tech / computers / advice )
FYI, your old electronics might not be worthless after all. econewonline.com/samsclub/Co ... read more

Your Outgoing Mail Server

( education / tech / computers / advice )
Hopefully yours is listed here, anyway. :) amailsender.com/support/smtpserver/ ... read more

Hard Drive Manufacturers Slash Warranty Periods

( education / tech / computers / advice )
Hard Drive Manufacturers Slash Warranty PeriodsHard Drive Manufacturers Slash Warran ... read more

Advice For Writing

( culture / writing / advice )
A writer's narrative perspective (their voice, or, how they come across to their reader) must be: This is me talking to you.That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.It's not: This is me 100 years ago speakin... read more

If Your Brakes Go Out

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
If your brakes ever go out, just shift into Park. Better to ruin the transmission than to die! You're welcome!.Don't ask. :)... read more

Kaspersky Free Virus Scan

( education / tech / computers / advice )
Kaspersky Free Virus ScanFAST & FREE security scan for your PC via Kaspersky Security Scan.... read more

Be Ready For The Next Power Failure

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
- A cousin just installed a 16kW generator to power the whole house. It goes on and off automatically, triggered by power failure and restoration, and runs on natural gas. See video here. It costs about $4K plus installation. Various models on ... read more

Lesson Learned

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
I'll be spending all week (Spring Break) with my almost-6-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. Woo hoo! Yesterday was supposed to be my only day off, as she was supposed to be in school (snow make-up day). But she's come ... read more

Lesson On Taxes

( culture / writing / blog / advice )
The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream. — Bill Murray... read more

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