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'Anti-science Saga'? NBC Contributor Who Documented Harrowing Battle With Covid-19 NEVER Had The Virus

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The dramatic televised saga of a doctors struggle to overcome coronavirus has ended in embarrassment after the NBC News contributor quietly admitted that theres no evidence he ever had the virus. Is this the zenith of fake news? Read Full ... read more

Big Pharma Has Been Busy Distorting Science During The Pandemic

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I've lost all trust in medical research - the financial muscle of Evidence that a cheap, over-the-counter anti-malarial drug costing 7 combats COVID-19 gets trashed. Why? Because the pharmaceutical ... read more

The Science Of Plant Intelligence Takes Root

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Jack Fox-Williams - The notion that plants possess a kind of intelligence has largely been disregarded by the scientific ... read more

More Gates-Funded 'Brave New World' Science: Lab-Cultured Fake Breast Milk

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Childrens Health Defense Team - We are on a very slippery slope towards transhumanism. ... read more

Children Prefer Storybooks That Explain Why And How Things Happen

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via sciencedaily.com Children have a never-ending curiosity about the world around them and frequently question how and why it works the way it does. Researchers have previously demonstrated that children are interested in causal information... read more

Possible Cure For Hair Loss

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There may be hope yet! See sciencedaily.com "Inhibiting a family of enzymes inside hair follicles that are suspended in a resting state restores hair growth, a new study has found. In experiments with mouse and human hair follicles, researc ... read more


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All science-related posts Unscientific cosmogony: Gravity, quantum physicsInnovation News Daily ... read more

Exposing Kids To 10 Hours Of Science A Year Makes Them Smarter

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via Refreshing News: Exposing Kids To 10 Hours Of Science A Year Makes Them Smarter. "I didn't know science was fun" ... read more

Behavior Experiment

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Copied from somewhere, maybe one of these. You start with a cage containing four monkeys, and inside the cage you hang a banana on a string, and then you place a set of stairs under the banana ... read more

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