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Magnificent Animals At Famous Twycross Zoo Face CULLING

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Until recently, Twycross Zoo was a thriving and award-winning enterprise, with money in the bank and a long-term loan secured for a new 5 million, five-acre extension due to open next ... read more

A New Idea On Fostering Pets

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... read more

Cool-headed Indian Man Survives TIGER ATTACK By Playing Dead

( life / animals / politics )
via man-survives-tiger-attack-india "Netizens the world over have been stunned by one Maharashtra man's unlikeliest of escapes when he came face to face with an adult male tiger..." ... read more

US Department Of Transportation To Ban Dog Breed Discrimination On Airlines

( life / animals / pets / travel )
The regulation is set to put an end to airlines discriminating against service dogs based on their appearance or breed—particularly pit bulls. via goodnewsnetwork ... read more

National Weather Service Warns Of Falling Iguanas On Cold Night In Miami

( life / environment / weather / animals )
The National Weather Service on Tuesday warned people in South Florida of the possibility of falling iguanas in advance of cold weather.... read more at upi ... read more

Bees Absolutely Love Cannabis It Could Help Restore Their Populations

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via https://www.collective-evolution.com/2020/01/20/bees-absolutely-love-cannabis-it-could-help-restore-their-populations/New research out of Cornell University that's beenpublished in Environmen ... read more

Elephant Climbs 5-foot Wall To Steal Mangoes From Lodge

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via https://www.upi.com/Odd-News/2020/01/13/Elephant-climbs-5-foot-wall-to-steal-mangoes-from-lodge/3411578953055/ An elephant in a Zambian national park was caught in camera climbing over a wall to steal so ... read more

Girl Had Only Been Volunteering At Pet Shelter For Two Days When She Was Reunited

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via https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/girl-volunteered-at-pet-shelter-for-two-days-until-reunited-with-lost-cat/Hannah Rountree had not seen her cat Spunky in three years—at least until he reappeared at the ... read more

Difference Between Alpacas And Llamas

( life / animals )
In case you were wondering, as I was...Click the image, ... read more

Elephant Poaching Falls Dramatically

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Some good news for a change: elephant-poaching-falls-dramatically-africa "Elephant poaching in Africa has dropped significantly from a peak in 2011, according to a new analysis of annual surveillance data. The progress ... read more

Draft Horses Pull Big Rig Up Hill

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... read more

Animals Rescued From Wildfires

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"UC Davis has been caring for dozens of animals that were displaced or injured in the California wildfires over the past two weeks." via www.sacbee.com ... read more

Diary, 2017/07/29

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I just went down the road to the quickie-mart and got coffee. It's something I do most every weekend morning since throwing away my home coffee maker to keep me from drinking too much of it. On the way there, I saw what I thought was a dead turtle in the road. I hate that. Poor things just can't move fast enough. Half way there, up ... read more

Got Yelled At Today

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... read more

Dolphins Speak In Holographic Language (maybe)

( education / language / animals )
Dolphins may speak in holographic language ... read more

Feral Cats Find A New Use

( culture / writing / blog / animals )
- In case you're in the market for a barn cat, this is for you: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/08/31/5696395/feral-cats-get-a-second-life-as.html. Maybe other cities near you have a simil ... read more

Fox Shoots Hunter In Belarus

( culture / sports / hunting / animals )
Hooray for the fox! via Fox shoots hunter in Belarus "A wounded fox shot its would-be killer in Belarus by pulling the trigger on the hunter's gun as the pair scuffled after the man tried to fin ... read more

Rottweiler Tricks

( family / animals / pets )
... read more


( life / animals )
I almost stepped on a snake as Elizabeth and I came out of the creek. Yes, we were in the creek. Anyway, I yelled, Aaaah when he slithered past me toward Elizabeth and into the water. Elizabeth wanted to get a better look at him as he lay there half in the water, half out. It was only three feet long, but I didn't know if it was ... read more

Eleven Rottweiler Puppies

( family / animals / pets )
Eleven Rottweiler puppies... read more

Harmony Haven (2008)

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... read more

Bird In The House

( culture / writing / blog / animals )
Woke up this morning to a bird in the kitchen. I had a hunch the cat Sunny had brought something inside because, while still half asleep, I heard her banging around outside of the bedroom somewhere.Anyway, I walked into the kitchen, and there was a bird perched on the curtain rod ... read more

Detection Dogs

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... read more

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