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Cadillac Vegas!

Tom Jones in Nashville, 2011

by Don

Diane and I surprised Diane's mom with a Tom Jones concert. She'd seen him in Vegas decades ago and really likes him. We'd bought the tickets months ago, knowing that her mom was going to visit. So tonight we went downtown for dinner at a surprisingly decent (for Nashville) Mexican restaurant called El Rey. For some reason she asked about the Opry (playing right into our hands) so I told her that used to be at the Ryman Auditorium, that we can wander over there after dinner. So we wandered down past all the clubs on Broadway (Rolling Stone Mag says Nashville has the best live scene in the nation) and when we got to the Ryman I said, "maybe there's a concert going on, let's check it out."

When we got to the entrance, I pulled out the tickets I'd printed from the website and told Diane's mom, "I printed these out this morning just in case we decided to check it out." She was probably thinking it was some free tourist attraction. When we were seated we were still saying "I wonder who's playing tonight?" There was no opening act. When Tom Jones came out I told her it was him, and she said "no!" still thinking it was a spontaneous happenstance our being there. She was blown away when she reallized it really was him. Then Diane handed her some underwear to throw and she realized it was a planned event.

The band was excellent and, at 71, he still sings great. He mostly sang R & B and gospel standards, which are on his new album, but he did do some of his hits such as Green, Green Grass of Home, Delilah and It's Not Unusual, and some other well-known songs such as Dixie Chicken, Momma Told Me Not To Come and Leave Your Hat On. He didn't sing What's New Pussycat — but that wouldn't have gone with the set, which was mostly pretty rockin'. He sang for about 90 minutes including the encore.

I recommend the tour, if it comes to your town. There were people of all ages rocking in their chairs, from college age to seniors. People threw underwear on the stage, of course. :-)

Unlawful file-sharing good for sales?

Courtyard Hounds' new album

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some VERY old reviews

Billy Joel and Elton John in Nashville

Last night (4/21/01), Tara and I saw Billy Joel and Elton John. It was great! It was almost four hours. I was afraid they'd each do an abbreviated concert, but we got our money's worth! At least I did. Tara didn't like Elton John's attitude. She says he's obviously an egomaniac. It's probably true, but he's earned it, having written so much great . Yes, some real crap, too. But they all do that.

First, they came on together and played two or three of each other's songs, alternating the singing chores on each stanza. Billy Joel then left the stage and Elton did his set, playing none of his stuff from the past 15 years, thankfully, just his best stuff from the 70's and early 80's.

Then Elton left and Billy Joel came on and did his set. As I was telling Tara afterward, Billy's stuff sounded pretty crappy at first, compared to Elton. But Billy is a better showman because he talks to and engages the audience more. So, I warmed up to him fairly quickly and he started playing some better songs. By the time he left the stage, I had forgotten all about Elton and was sad he was leaving so soon. They both came back on stage a couple minutes later and did several more of each other's songs. I kept saying to myself, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that one, and that one," etc. They have so much material to draw from.

Anyway, it was a great concert. It would've been nice if we were closer to the stage, but it was definitely a fun night.

KISS, Ted Nugent, Skid Row

by Rex

  • at Nashville's AmSouth Amphitheater (formerly Starwood)
  • April, 28th 2000
  • Ticket price = $60
  • Tour name: KISS's final tour with the make-up from the 70's era

Well, let's see, I am an old man now so I don't have any cool story about how I got there three hours early and drank like a dog and barfed and listened to Kiss tunes on the 8-track, er, I mean the CD player with my cheap speakers blasting out! Actually I left my house about 6pm and drove on a back road to the show without any traffic problems. There were about 18,000 fans there so I think I-24 was backed up a bit in both directions. I saw a few fairly young looking girls and guys going into the show. Some so young they weren't born when Kiss took the makeup off around 1982. We were forced to park in a field outside the amphitheater which I thought was odd.

I got there a few minutes before 7pm and saw Mike was already in his seat. We had pretty good seats, but for $60 I would expect to be able to see Kiss's nose hairs (if you know what I mean)! I decided to buy a coke, hot dog and candy bar, total cost $10. I got back to my seat just in time for Skid Row to hit the stage. They were awful, their original lead singer isn't with them anymore so they need to hang it up for good. We had a moment before Ted Nugent (Uncle Ted) came on. I found Mike a free pair of ear plugs from a security guard lady. I told her my son was with me and had very sensitive ears, she felt bad for me and gave me a free pair. I never told Mike about that!

The lights went down and Uncle Ted hit the stage screamin' "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang." He dedicated his favorite hit "Cat Scratch Fever" to Janet Reno. He had strong things to say that I can't send in e-mail about her and Al Gore, and various other political folk. On his last song he took his hunting bow and shot a flaming arrow at one of his guitars. This is pretty cool , even to a 38 year old. Ted is such a great performer. I first saw him in 1978, 22 years ago in Knoxville,TN. He is still a big advocate of hunting. He was selling bumper stickers that said "I Love Animals, They Taste Great."

Then the big boys of rock hit the stage! Kiss in all their makeup & garb, high heels, etc, loud as heck! Looking about 50 years old..wait a minute they all are about 50 years old. Kiss always have a lot of fireworks, confetti, colored lights, etc. Gene Simmons did his usual "blood spitting & fire breathing," Ace did his usual smoking guitar tricks. They also had a huge big-screen TV behind the stage to let us see glimpses of the audience. Sure enough about two songs into the show, there they were, two young ladies topless on the front row for all 18,000 fans to see on the big-screen. Wow! Of course the usual underwear went flying up on stage, you wonder what the band members do with all that stuff after the show. Here's a true sign that you are getting old. Now that I have been married for over 13 years, when I see ladies' undergarments thrown on stage, my first thought is, I wonder what those panties cost? Isn't that sad that everything as we get older becomes part of our weekly budget.

All in all the show was a goodun'. My ears still have a slight ringing in them, no wait, that's just Robb calling from Summit. I guess I better go.

Posted on 18 Feb 2008 by bill
AfroCelt CD
by BillI recently [2001] bought a CD by a group called AfroCelt. They combine African drums and rhythms with Celtic woodwinds and strings. It's a cool combination! I've played it to death, it's so good. You'll find it in the World and/or Dance section of your record store. (Sounds like a commercial, eh?!)
Motley & Scorpions night in NashVegas
by Rex

  • Subject: Rex and a fun filled night of excitement (old rocker ventures out into the night)
  • Date: 8/24/99
  • Temp: 82 degrees and stormy

I arrived at the First American Center at about 6:30pm. I paid the usual $6 bucks to park and proceeded to my seat. I noticed an unusually large amount of females amongst me as I trodded toward to entrance gate. I got frisked by some lady looking for AK-47's, etc, I had none.

Once inside I decided to check out the merchandise booth, which had the usual Motley Crue/Scorpions stuff for sale. They had something on the table that looked like cologne, it was called "Scorpion." Wow- what a new idea, even KISS hasn't thought of this yet. The girl sprayed me big time with it and I was "funky" smelling for the rest of the night. I had it on my hands,eyes,hair!

I moved on to the concession area and bought a cola and a hot dog and took my seat. What a seat it was Row 2 Seat 1. A new band called "Laidlaw" took the stage and jammed for about 35 minutes. They are managed by Mick Mars (guitarist for Motley Crue). They sound like a mix between Tesla/Black Crows/Brother Cane. Their CD is due out in January but they had advanced pressings for sale. I wanted one till I found out they were selling for $18.95 at the merchandise booth.

Their was a short break then the fabulous German band the "Scorpions" took the stage and jammed out all their hits for about 55 minutes. I caught a guitar pick from Rudolf Schenker. A lot of drum sticks were thrown out during this show, but none came my way. "Rudy" has a new chrome V-shaped guitar with a Mercedes chrome medallion (like on their car hoods) embedded into it. Great show these guys put on.

The lights came on for a short break. The security guard let me move from row 2 to row 1 during this break before "Motley"came on. A road crew member told the security guard we could all stand up at the foot of the stage. This isn't what the security folks like to hear. We all ran up to the stage and waited for the lights to go black. What happened in the next hour and forty minutes is amazing and truly where the fun begins.

First song, I mean right outta the gate, Motley goes into "Girls,Girls,Girls" and believe it or not about 3 girls around me pulled their tops off and started jumping up and down!! Song #2 started up and "Motley" had 2 of their own girls on stage acting out wild positions, etc. One had a [banana] strapped on and the other was totally topless. Wait a minute, can she do that? I thought this stuff was illegal in most states.

Folks, it never let up, I stood the whole hour and forty minutes. I actually don't think I blinked in fear of missing something.

HA! The was loud and flawless. At one point the girls had water tanks on their backs that fed a super soaker that showered us all with H2O. Up to that point we were dry but, people not so fortunate in the grass pass area were already soaked from a thunder storm passing through earlier.

On one of the songs, confetti blasted out into the audience, it seemed to last forever. I actually had the stuff in my shirt and hair after I got home. On the last song Nikki Sixx busted up an old bass guitar. He is sooo gross. He took a sip of water from a bottle then spit a stream of water into a girl's mouth. She was loving it too. People are sick. We made it through the night with only one fight (girls). Security was kind enough to give me a pair of ear plugs. That was a mandatory feature for my ears at this show. This concert was sooo awesome, I can't put the whole experience into words. I was totally drained of energy when the last encore was over.

Other highlights were: a wet T-shirt contest on stage and, yes, the shirt was ripped off. I found a roll of 35mm film under my feet after the show was over. I dropped it off at Walmart this morning. I have no idea what's on that roll of film if anything. Everyone at the show also got an 8-song CD sampler from "OzzFest 99." Folks, if you missed this concert you missed a goodun'.

PS - See attached photo for a collage of items I emptied out of my pockets this morning.

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