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N.C. Student's Message In A Bottle Travels 4,000 Miles To Morocco

( education / news / rss )
A North Carolina girl's message in a bottle traveled more than 4,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and was plucked out of the water by a fisherman in ... read more

Austria's Foreign Ministry Warns Against Travel To Spain Except Balearic & Canary Islands

( education / news / rss )
Read Full Article at RT.com ... read more

Japan's Holidaymakers Should Refrain From Domestic Travel — Top Doctors' Association

( education / news / rss )
Read Full Article at RT.com ... read more

Skeletons Buried Near Bamburgh Castle Belonged To People Who Had Travelled Across The British Isles

( education / news / rss )
Over the past 20 years, experts from Durham University have been studying the remains of 110 Anglo-Saxons found buried in the dunes near the Northumberland ... read more

Family Members Survive The Middle East

( life / holmes / bill / travel )
The headline is purposely misleading (a la my old newsletter), just because I can. My brother and his wife just returned from our 16-day trip to Dubai, Egypt and Jordan. It was a great trip and at no time did we feel unsafe (except in the crazy traffic). In Egypt, we had a tour guide ... read more

The Truth About Electric Cars

( life / travel / transportation / auto )
From: Anonymous See Electric-Cars... "At a neighbourhood BBQ I was talking to a neighbour, a BC Hydro executive. I asked him how that renewable thing was doing. He laughed, then got serious. If you really intend to adopt electric ... read more

2019 Most Dangerous US Cities

( life / travel )
This article is dated December 2018, and it's based on 2017 data, but whatever. :) RoadSnacks has a similar list here, and here'... read more

Great Foreign Travel Tips

( life / travel / advice )
The Hobo Traveler tells it like it is: don't rent a car, some cultures dishonest, police dangerous. See https://youtu.be/GNBfZ6oX73w "What Countries Give You The Most Respect, T ... read more

Cost Of Living Comparison (Sacramento Vs. Lisbon)

( life / travel )
Cool international cost-of-living comparison site: expatistan.com/cost-of-living. If you're thinking of moving from Sacramento, CA to Lisbon, Portugal, for example, go to cost-of-l... read more

Visiting Old Sacramento

( life / travel )
Observations while walking around Old Sacramento with Elizabeth: Jul 14, 2018 2:38pm As I sat on a bench in touristy Old Sacramento, a little boy walked by and asked "Are you a statue?" I had to laugh. There was a statue/wooden carving of a man on ... read more

How To Take Your Own Passport Photo

( life / travel )
I was having a hard time converting a digital photo down to the correct 2x2 physical size. Then I found this article: take your own passport photos. At first, I was thinking Tell me something I don't know. Then I saw the link to the State Departm... read more

Grim False Depiction Of Russian Life

( life / travel )
Grim false depiction of Russian life"As a top propaganda outlet pushing the New Cold War, The New York Times paints life in Russia in the da ... read more

Airlines Misbehaving

( life / travel / airlines / people )
United Airlines says "Thank you, American Airlines, now everyone finally knows we're not the ONLY aholes!" Yes, the woman was apparently belligerent (just like United's victim), but these so-call... read more

Hotdog From Reggio's

( life / travel )
Just had a hotdog from Reggio's at O'Hare. I'm told that's a real Chicago style dog. It was good!... read more

How Did Moscow's Stray Dogs Learn To Navigate The

( life / travel )
How did Moscow's stray dogs learn to navigate the Metro?Int ... read more

Alternate Route

( life / travel / traffic )
Don't you hate it when you take an alternate route to get away from a slow driver only to have them end up in front of you later?... read more

Must See Sights Around The World

( life / travel )
A list of must-see sights around the world. Less obvious places, such as Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont, or the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, etc. Hopefull ... read more

Best Places To Go (2013)

( life / travel )
Travel Picks: Best Places to Go in 2013 : Condé Nast Traveler. Nashville made the list! Here's what they say about it:"The new Nashville offers two things worth traveling for: ... read more

Things To Do In Nashville

( life / travel )
.newspaper -webkit-columns: 60px 3; -moz-columns: 60px 3; columns: 60px 3; .fonts text-align: left; font-family:arial, sans-serif; Some of these are in the general area, not Nashville, proper. Adventure Science ... read more

Criminalizing Some Airport Pat Downs Defended

( life / travel )
Criminalizing some airport pat downs defended by Rochester legislator ... read more

TSA Persecutes Critics, Ignores Security Threats

( life / travel / politics )
via http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2010/12/tsa-persecutes-critics-ignores-security-threats/ "While the Department of Homeland Security investigates a commercial airline pilot for exposing security flaws ... read more

TSA Misses Guns Bombs In Tests

( life / travel )
TSA misses guns, bombs in tests Last Updated: Mon, 12/20/2010 - 12:48pmWhile the government agency responsible for securing the nations transportation system harasses honest citizens with invasive, genital-groping personal searches, guns and bombs regularly get pas ... read more

TSA Misses Luggage That Explodes After Flight

( life / travel )
TSA misses luggage that explodes after flight ... read more

Which Airports Have Body Scanning Technology

( life / travel / health )
Airports to avoid, if at all possible: Which airports have body-scanning technology At least my airport, Nashville Int'l, uses the less dangerous model. ... read more


( life / travel )
via Visit Norway "Preikestolen is one of Rogaland county, Norway's most visited attractions, and one of the country's most spectacular photo subjects. It has been named one of the world's most spectacular viewing points by both CNN Go and Lonely Planet. It ris... read more

TSA Sexual Assault

( life / travel / politics )
TSA - Sexual Assault If I do have to fly, I'll try and make all connections through New Jersey! See the next link: ... read more


( life / travel )
Things you maybe never knew about Nashville Expatriation sites/pages Ten Benefits of Expatriation ... read more

Airport Arrival

( life / travel / holmes )
Some pictures as we arrived in the airport. There was a great welcoming party there! We've never had an airport welcoming party before! ... read more


( family / adoption / holmes / travel )
Well, we made it to Moscow!After a long plane trip, we managed to get through passport control and customs with no problems. And all of our luggage made it!Our CHI Rep and driver were late getting to the airport and we were worried, but they did eventually show up. We got our first taste of traffic, and let me go on record to say — I wi... read more


( life / travel )
I'm home after a long trip to Roanoke, VA and back. It was quite an experience overall. The 1-3/4 hour drive to SMF was punctuated by the puppy screaming and howling in the crate behind me in the van. She messed the newspapers once and I stopped ... read more


( life / travel )
It's over, for me, anyway. I rode two days in and that was enough. As I expected, it was nice to ride with 10,000 other cyclists and the party-like attitude of the riders and the people in the towns was really nice. The problem was that it took place in Iowa. I was glad that when I rode, it was overcast, had head winds, and occasional rains. Ot ... read more


( life / travel )
We visited Evelyn's family and ate like the pigs that we are. Bijou had fun. I guess the highlight was going to the cemetery. Believe it or not, it was really Gothic, colorful, historical and very interesting, in general. We didn't have much time for sightseeing this time (only 4 days), but now everyone has at least met Bijou, so the m ... read more


( life / travel )
What an incredibly boring state. Tara, her sister Sandie, niece Destiny and I flew from Nashville to attend her youngest sister Stephanie's high school graduation in Council Grove, Kansas.  Tara and I figured we'd find something to do that night upon arrival in ... read more

Airline Cabin Announcements

( culture / humor / travel )
All too rarely, airline attendants make an effort to make the in flight safety lecture and announcements a bit more entertaining. Here are some real examples that have been heard or reported: 1. On a Southwest flight 245 (SW has no assigned seating, you just sit where you want) passengers were apparently having a hard time choosing, when a fli... read more

Charleston And Savannah

( life / travel )
Charleston, SC We drove ... and drove ... and drove — 10 hours or so — from Nashville until finally reaching Charleston, South Carolina. Along the way, we stopped in Asheville, North Carolina at the Biltm... read more

New Orleans

( life / travel )
We flew into New Orleans about noon time on a Friday. Since the room wasn't ready for such an early arrival, we walked four blocks to the pier and decided to ride the paddle wheel boat Natchez. It basically goes a mile up the Mississippi, then heads back. You'll see a lot of other international cargo ships, and the ... read more

St. Louis

( life / travel )
Tara and I made a quick trip (if you can call a five-hour road trip "quick") to St. Louis over the Labor Day weekend.  We visited their historic district ("old town") along the river where they were hosting the Big Muddy Blues & R ... read more


( life / travel )
Tara and I left Nashville for Chicago on a Thursday morning. At the last minute I decided to let my cat Myca out. I figured he would return shortly after doing his "business" in the neighbor's bushes, as usual, and I could then lock him in the house for the duration of our trip. When he didn't re... read more

Atlanta Trip

( life / travel )
Tara and I just got back from a long weekend in Atlanta.  It was nice to see the town.  I'd passed through before, but had never stopped to look.  The first touristy thing we did after eventually finding our hotel — the downtown Courtyard-by-Marriott, picked o... read more

Portugal To Hungary

( life / travel )
How I Spent My Summer Vacations (Portugal to Hungary) from 1992 Portugal/Azores ... read more


( life / travel / europe )
Nashville  — June, 1996I planned everything in advance. Or so I thought. I bought my round-trip plane ticket three months in advance. I "surfed The Web" and researched whatever I could find regarding my destination cities and countries. I bought renter's insurance for the apartment, a video camera, a new suit for t ... read more

Europe '96 Video

( life / travel )
You can watch it here: vimeo.com/3271045 I was in Bratislava, Slovakia for Doug and Jana's wedding, but this doesn't include the wedding itself. That was filmed by a professional. This video is so ba ... read more

Eastern Canada

( life / travel )
Eastern CanadaRoving reporter returns from East (September, 1989) — Bill returned fr ... read more

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