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Coronavirus: Hackers Hijack Supercomputers And Disrupt

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Supercomputers in UK, Germany, and Switzerland, and potentially a high-performance computer in Spain were all affected by similar breaches involvin ... read more

Useful Websites

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Just thought I would start a running list of internet/web technologies websites I have found useful, below... image align center delete old ... read more

No Annoying Prompts

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Aren't you glad we don't have any of those annoying pop-up ads asking you to join our newsletter? Ironic, isn't it, given that we are an online newsletter? ... read more

Free Vector Graphics Editor

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Could be useful. See (this one's for Windows, but there's a version for Mac and Linux, too) ... read more

Where You Belong

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I've been in middle Tennessee the past 25 years, grew up in northern California, spent most of my 20s in L.A., but according to this site I should move to New England. They say... " You would fit in well in New England ... read more

Requiring (or Not) A Password In Windows

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In Windows 7 (and possibly earlier and later versions), use NETPLWIZ and check (or uncheck) the box that says something to the effect of require users to enter passwords. Make sure that your own username is highlighted before you check/uncheck that box. ... read more

Turn Your Computer Into A Chrome Device

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From at "Ready to turn your computer into a Chrome device? You're in the right spot. The Home edition is our free version of CloudReady, intended only for personal us ... read more

Open DNS

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Just thought we'd mention ... read more

Open DNS

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Just thought we'd mention (or .org) which we use here at It's a good parental control as well as an easy way to filter your Internet traffic. ... read more

Bogus Ransom Emails

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Just because the From is spoofed, it doesn't mean your email account is compromised. See: Ask Leo And here's a complete example, though they vary slightly: " Hi, your account was recently hacked! M ... read more

E-recycling Services In Nashville

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Electronic Waste-Recycling ... read more

URL Expander

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You might find this as useful as I just did: ... read more

Opting Out Of Ads

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Useful site here to opt out of various online ads: Some of the biggest name brands always seem to be conveniently unavailable. ... read more

Is It Down Right Now

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Useful site to see if it's your connection (or firewall) or the site itself that's having a problem: Is It Down Right Now? Someone emailed us about their tool here: ... read more

Running Windows In A Linux Virtual Machine

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I'm going to try running Windows in a virtual machine after installing Linux on my PC, as per these instructions: It'll probably suck (because Linux sucks), but after all of NSA's Windows backdoors were published online (somewhere, look it up), I'm almost afraid to use my W ... read more

Being Human

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Makes me laugh when Facebook asks why I think something is funny or amazing. I'm thinking "Bite me. I don't have the time or inclination to teach your artificial 'intelligence' algorithms what it means to be human." Not that it could ever understand it, anyway. ... read more

Another Website/page Of Mine

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It's a site called Patreon where they help creative people find patrons to support their work. My page is here: Patreon "It would be amazing if I had any fans at all to help finance what I do! Tha ... read more

Linux On Chromebook

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Installing Ubuntu Linux on my Chromebook as per these instructions: lifehacker. I hope it works! And I hope I like it. I got tired of some of the limitations of the ChromeOS. I'll still be able to toggle back and forth between the t ... read more

Facebook Creeps Me Out

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Every time Facebook shows me one of those notices saying something like "Hey there, we've been going through all of your posts and thought you might like to share this compilation," I feel like I'm being approached by some creepy guy on the street opening his trench coat to show me all of the compromising photos of me that he's collected ... read more

Cool Website

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Here's a cool website I just learned of: "In an age where everything seems to have been explored and there is nothing new to be found, we celebrate a different way of looking at the world. If you're searching for miniature cities, glass flowers, book ... read more

Google Chrome Extensions

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Some of these Google Chrome extensions want permission to "... read and change all your data on the websites you visit." What the ...? Why would I give ANYONE that kind of permission? ... read more

Horse Versus Google Street View

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I like horses. I like Google maps street view. The two don't like each other. See Google Street View car ... read more

Keyword / Cookie / Browser Analytics Failure

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Some headlines Google News mistakenly thought I'd be interested in ... Is Jeb Bush Right About Barack Obama and Donald Trump? — The mainstream (pro-Bush/Clinton) media keep pretending Jeb is relevant. Kanye West named GQ's Most Stylish Man once again — I'm all about Kanye! Not. 50 Cent's ... read more

45 Percent Of American Jobs Will Be Done By Computers In 20 Years

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And then the third stage (my words, not theirs) will be when people realize how irritating and stupid these computers are. Consumers, otherwise known as people, will stop using services that are overly-computerized, and bosses everywhere will be forced to trash their computerized systems in favor of good old-fashioned humans. via ... read more

Court To Fedsexplain Marine's Facebook Postings Arrest

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via Court to feds: Explain Marine's Facebook-postings arrest. "Brandon Raub's case exposes the seedy underbelly of a governmental system that continues to target military veterans for expressing their discontent over Am ... read more

Upgrading To Windows 7

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Yes, I know Windows 8 ... read more

Cleanliness Counts

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Click on this link to clean the inside of your screen: ... read more

Which Website Would You Choose?

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If you were on a deserted island with an Internet connection and a pug, but could only access ONE website, which site would it be?(BTW, the pug is irrelevant, I just like pugs!) Facebook - 3 votes Google - 2 votes Kindle - 1 votes Twitter - 1 votes Your webmail - 1 votes Other - 1 votes Pinterest - 0 votes ... read more

Some Facebook Users 'dislike' Being Used In Online Advertising

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Some Facebook users 'dislike' being used in online advertising for Mitt Romney ... read more

300,000 Miles, Not One Accident Under Computer Control

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from Refreshing News: Google's Self-Driving Cars: 300,000 Miles Logged, Not a Single Accident Under Computer Control &q ... read more

Whatever Happened To WordStar

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I barely used it, but I found this interesting because I was once a word processor (human, not program) back in the mid-80s to early 90s.Whatever happened to WordStar ... read more

Care2largest Online Community For Healthy And Green Living

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Care2 - largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare. "You Care. We Care2.Be a part of the world's largest community for good." ... read more

Things That Make You Sayyou've Got To Be Kidding

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Just the other day I had bought a second wi-fi router from a seller on Craigslist to daisy-chain the two together (somehow) to improve the wireless signal throughout my house. No, it's not a big house.Anyway, last night our power went out for about a minute. No big deal, I thought, other than having to reset all the digital clocks. I'll give you ... read more

Computer Stuff

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Well, I've spent the better part of this long weekend trying to get not just a server setup, but a server with VMware setup. VMware is very cool virtualization software that's all the rage in the corporate world where I'm seemingly forever searching for a job in this crappy-ass economy. So, if I can learn it well, it will serve me well. Vi ... read more

Plleeaassee Reeaadd! It Was On Good Morning America!

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It's a very old hoax. Anything with a headline like that and mentioning Microsoft, AOL and Good Morning America in the same email almost HAS to be a hoax these days, and this one is. On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 8:05 PM, wrote:This is probably a hoax, but just in case it's not, I'm forwarding it. Filed under: Internet ... read more

Possibly Useful Site

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For those old gadgets you'd just as soon get rid of: My old Dell laptop is apparently worth $38!I guess they really want newer stuff. ... read more

How To Anonymize Your Browsing

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To anonymize your browsing, use one of these anonymizer sites and/or programs:Sites ... read more

E-waste ComputersTV'sother Electronics Collection

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There will be an E-Waste (computers, TV's, other electronics) collection held Saturday May 8 at the Walmart Supercenter located on Nolensville Pike a quarter mile south of Old Hickory Blvd. from 8 a.m. — 12 noon. Other sites will be announced as soon as possible. Please visit ... read more

Good Search

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Use them as your search engine, and they give to charity: "You shop. You save. We give." ... read more

Cool Feature Just Discovered On Google Translate

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I got an error in a program that was in some foreign language I didn't even recognize, let alone understand. I went to and typed in one of the words and chose Detect language in the Translate from... box. It told me the wor ... read more

Website Visibility Tool

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Thanks to GoDaddy phone support, I discovered this very useful site: megaproxy. One of my domain names was not resolving correctly from home. I went to ... read more

Kaspersky Free Virus Scan

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FAST & FREE security scan for your PC via Kaspersky Security Scan. ... read more

CAT5 RJ-45 Cable Pin-Outs

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Copied from and put here just in case their website removes it.Eight Position (RJ-45) Modular Cable ... read more

ComputerHelp! Updated

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A new look! Now, if I could just get people to look! :) "For in-home/on-site computer repair service in and around Nashville (remove vi ... read more

How To Get People To Stop Forwarding Stuff To You

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Go to ... read more

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