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Another entry in the eternal third party candidates can't win debate

by bill - 2014-05-20 - ( education / news / politics )

We received the following email from a friend, Diane, this morning: Subject: Another entry in the eternal "third party candidate can't win" debate There's a page on Facebook, the title of which is pretty much self-explanatory. Worth looking at just for the write-up on the manipulation of social media.


Here's the really great comment one of my Friends made on it:

"I am NOT liking this page. "On the one hand, I agree with part of this page's statement — i.e., the prediction that, 'as usual, the American political system will once again leave Americans choosing between two dangerous sociopaths.' "However, I am not convinced that boycotting the election is a good response. I probably will end up voting for the less evil psychopath — i.e., the mass murderer who doesn't molest children, rather than the one who does. It's just that I will be aware of how little voting actually matters. What really matters is what you do on all the other days, BETWEEN election days. I'm doing as much as I can to raise awareness, by blogging, handing out leaflets, etc. "No, actually I probably won't vote for the less evil psychopath. There are very few states in which your vote really matters even for choosing between the two psychopaths, and I don't live in one of those few states. I live in a state where it's pretty clear, in advance, which party will win, so my vote doesn't really affect that outcome. So instead I will vote for some third party candidate — not with the delusion that my choice might win, but with the hope that my candidate will win enough votes to at least get mentioned in the news, which would result in a few more people hearing about my candidate's views and learning something. That would be at least some value for my vote, which in other respects is completely worthless." —diane

Here is what we replied back to Diane:

Thanks, Diane. As you know, I've long been an advocate for voting for someone I actually like and agree with (mostly), knowing they don't stand a snowball's chance in hell because most voters are too confused to do the same. Someday maybe enough people will wake up to their own power, enough people will vote for the candidate they actually like, and guess what, one of those alternative candidates will get enough votes to win a plurality. The best way to "flush out" the bad guys is to never let them (the obvious ones, at least) into office in the first place.

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