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france will produce 15mn face masks per week by end-april — macron
France will produce 15mn face masks per week by end-April -- Macron ... read more
japan to declare month-long state of emergency in tokyo, 6 other prefectures, pm abe says
Japan to declare month-long state of emergency in Tokyo, 6 other prefectures, PM Abe says ... read more
comet five times the size of jupiter is set to light up the night sky
The exact size of the rocky icy core of the strange comet isn't known but is likely only a few miles across - but it has a much larger atmosphere, a ... read more
nhs lanyards removed from ebay and amazon amid fears people use them to enter supermarkets
It is believed some people in the UK are purchasing the items in order to obtain perks only available to healthcare professionals. ... read more
magic: thoughts from plato & manly p. hall to modern day scientists — is "magic" real?
'The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasped only at the farthest reach of intuition, and then bu ... read more
'ok, boomer!' supreme court hands partial victory to federal worker claiming age discrimination
The case won attention at oral argument when Chief Justice John Roberts asked whether the phrase OK, boomer would qualify as age discrim ... read more
thousands of s. korean workers go on unpaid leave as seoul, washington fail to agree on military costs
Thousands of S. Korean workers go on unpaid leave as Seoul, Washington fail to agree on military costs ... read more
smoke from amazon rainforest fires may increase melting of glaciers in the andes 1000 miles away
Burning of the rainforest in southwestern Amazonia, could release aerosols such as black carbon which may speed up the melting of the Andean glaci ... read more
teacher who disarmed a student and hugged him will receive the medal of honor citizen honor
Teacher Who Disarmed A Student And Hugged Him Will Receive The Medal Of Honor Citizen Honor ... read more
greek pm warns: stay at home or 'we will pay for it'
Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned Greeks on Thursday that if they relaxed compliance with lockdown measures we will pay for it, ... read more
'i heard the roar': 6.5 earthquake hits idaho
An earthquake struck north of Boise Tuesday evening, with people across a large area reporting shaking. More than 2 million live in the region that ... read more
'who gets the kids?' i took an oath to serve my patients. my family didn't, but we're all in this together.
A doctor treating COVID-19 patients sits down with her husband to make a will. ... read more
nasa tests giant 21-foot mirror on james webb telescope for the first time in simulated zero-gravity
In an unprecedented step, NASA tested a giant 21-foot mirror on its James Webb space telescope that is designed to observe a range of frequencies n ... read more
vodka producer make the drink from captured carbon dioxide
Brooklyn based Air Co was a finalist for the Carbon XPrize, designed to create a profitable way to capture and reuse greenhouse gases. ... read more
mystery mom has been leaving out free bagged lunches 'made with love' for anyone who may need them
The Maryland mom has been restocking the table with healthy bagged lunches every day for anyone who may need a bite to eat during the quarantine.Mys ... read more
who wants a be a millionaire? russian teacher arrested after his answer involved extortion from students
For public service workers, and salaried employees in general, life can often be frustrating. After all, living within your means often isn't mu ... read more
woodworking can bring solace in times of uncertainty
Woodworking Can Bring Solace in Times of Uncertainty ... read more
the best self-massage tools to soothe muscles and release tension
Whether you are suffering from a long-term sports injury or looking for a tension reliever these are the best self massage tools you can use time a ... read more
beagle survives 40-mile drive while stuck under owner's vehicle
Firefighters in New York state said a lucky dog is expected to be OK after getting stuck under his owner's vehicle and being taken for a 40-mile dr ... read more
south korea reports fewer than 50 new infections, earning who praise
South Korea reported fewer than 50 new coronavirus cases for the first time since its peak in late February, earning the praise of the World Health ... read more
truck load of toilet paper burns in texas highway crash
Authorities in Texas said a truck driver was not injured when his vehicle caught fire on the interstate, but the flames destroyed some precious car ... read more
british scientists find a new species of ancient flying reptile
A flying reptile that soared the skies around 100 million years ago have been classified as a new species of pterosaur, called named Afrotapjara zou ... read more
ryan reynolds and blake lively donate $1 million to food banks
Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Donate $1 Million To Food Banks ... read more
men who are 'couch potatoes' are more likely to want to be muscular and hit the gym, study shows
Experts found that men from wealthy western countries like the UK are more motivated to workout than their Nicaraguan and Ugandan counterparts. ... read more
social distancing? no problem! russian court hears case on whatsapp video chat for first time in history
Covid-19 may be a deadly and frightening virus, but it has also undoubtedly been a catalyst for a certain degree of innovation. Workers and stud ... read more
british internet traffic surges by almost 50 per cent since schools closed
Openreach says it has seen a nearly 50 per cent increase in British home broadband data usage during the hours of 9am to 5pm over the course of the ... read more
what is humanity capable of? this man got 152 million mangrove trees planted in 10 years
Haidar el Ali, who once served as Senegal's Minister of Environment, led a program that has successfully planted 152 million mangrove buds in th ... read more
shipwreck buried in maine beach identified as the british cargo ship that was lost in 1769
Skeletal remains of a shipwreck have appeared on the Maine coastline that have been a mystery for over six decades has now bee identified as a Briti ... read more
boy scout makes 'ear guards' for health care workers to ease the pain caused by wearing masks
Boy Scout Makes 'Ear Guards' For Health Care Workers To Ease The Pain Caused By Wearing Masks ... read more
un chief warns 'worst yet to come' for countries in conflict, renews call for ceasefire
UN chief warns 'worst yet to come' for countries in conflict, renews call for ceasefire ... read more
scientists develop hybrid reactor which can produce air and food for future mars colonies (photos)
Scientists at UC Berkeley have developed a hybrid reactor which uses 'cyborg bacteria' embedded in a forest of nanowires to produce food, fuel a ... read more
man uses bucket truck to visit mom's third floor window
An Ohio man unable to visit his mother's nursing home due to coronavirus lockdown used a tree-trimming bucket truck to visit her third floor window ... read more