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two-thirds of the world's most polluted cities are in india
(Bloomberg) -- Several Chinese cities, including Beijing, have dramatically improved their air quality in recent years, while Indian metropolises re ... read more
farming in the forest: a chance to reverse 1,000 years of destructive land-use practices
Multi-layered forest farming instead of outdated mono-crop agriculture is a win-win for climate change, ecosystems, wildlife diversity, and human he ... read more
coral reefs around the world could disappear by the year 2100
Scientists in Hawaii have warned that sea surface temperatures and acidic waters could eliminate nearly all existing coral reef habitats by the year ... read more
will uber finally become profitable? firm set to place advertising car-toppers on 1,000 vehicles
Uber is set to add a new revenue stream with the hopes of becoming profitable. The firm signed a deal with ad-tech company Adomni to introduce ad di ... read more
au yeah! gold surges more than 2% hitting 7-year highs
Investors are rushing to buy the safe haven yellow metal after rising fears over the spread of the coronavirus epidemic triggered panic sell-off ... read more
were ancient humans vegetarians? 65,000 year-old archaeology site shows diet of fruits and nuts
Researchers investigating one of Australia's oldest aboriginal sites have discovered new evidence that many ancient humans subsisted on a mainly veg ... read more
brain scans reveal structural differences in people with "smart phone addiction
Children entering into the world today are being birthed into a sea of technology that their parents never grew up with. As a result, we don't ... read more
study: drinking dairy milk linked to breast cancer in women
New U.S. research has found that drinking even a moderate amount of dairy milk appears to be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer in women. ... read more
syria rebels reenter key idlib crossroads town: afp
Syrian rebels reentered the key northwestern crossroads town of Saraqeb lost to government forces earlier this month but fierce fighting raged on in ... read more
'child friendly' smartphone blocks users from taking naked selfies
Developed by Japanese smartphone company Tone, the e20 can connect to a parent's phone or computer to warn them about potentially dangerous activity ... read more
nasa's juno probe reveals the amount of water in jupiter's atmosphere is three times that of the sun
NASA's Juno reveals the first accurate estimate of the total amount of water in Jupiter's atmosphere. Water makes up around 0.25% of the molecules i ... read more
european space agency will pay volunteers £12,500 to lie down for 60 days
The study involves two groups of people staying in bed for 60 days, and will be carried out by two different teams of researchers working in France ... read more
wells fargo fined $3 billion for 15 years of illegal practices affecting millions of customers
Wells Fargo Fined $3 Billion for 15 Years of Illegal Practices Affecting Millions of Customers ... read more
2020: the year the vaccine pendulum swings?
Something incredible is happening in America. A grassroots movement which has patiently, but inexorably, developed for decades has burst through to ... read more
earth has had two moons for past three years… and no one noticed
The boffins at the Catalina Sky Survey have stumbled upon an amazing and slightly goofy discovery, apparently Earth has had a second moon for th ... read more
ron paul on ending the fed — interview with james corbett
Ron Paul on Ending The Fed -- Interview With James Corbett ... read more
sunk: how sweden sent america's uss ronald reagan to the bottom of the sea
(In a simulation.) ... read more
weighing down childhood: are vaccines and glyphosate contributing to childhood obesity?
Over the past several decades, the experience of childhood has changed fundamentally for many American children. Impairing their ability to climb tr ... read more
how london is the worst place in the uk for finding a 'rapid charging port' for electric vehicles
EXCLUSIVE:London came bottom of a list of ten cities when measuring the percentage of charging locations over 43kW - the classification for 'rapid c ... read more
russia raises eyebrows with blanket ban on chinese visitors
Moscow is to impose a blanket ban on Chinese visitors over coronavirus fears in a move that will hit its tourism industry as experts question the ne ... read more
foreign media 'didn't miss the slightest opportunity' to keep people from voting in nationwide election —
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took aim at foreign media outlets, claiming they did their utmost to discourage Iranians from ... read more
tips that may help you put rheumatoid arthritis into remission
In our modern day world, when something goes awry with our health, we often seek the advice of a medical professional to help understand what is goi ... read more
countdown begins to possible end of u.s. war in afghanistan
Countdown Begins to Possible End of U.S. War in Afghanistan ... read more
russia to build billion-dollar highway to crimea: next part of $7.7 billion road-links project
When Russians go on vacation, the two most popular destinations are Crimea and the Krasnodar region. However, getting from one to the other has ... read more
5 biggest pesticide companies are making billions from 'highly hazardous' chemicals, investigation finds
Jordan Davidson - Poor people in developing countries are far more likely to suffer from exposure to pesticides, according to new data. ... read more
determined not to lose her motor function, musician plays violin during brain surgery (watch)
Thousands of people have been captivated by this video of a classical musician playing the violin while surgeons are removing a tumor from her brain ... read more
microsoft's next-gen xbox series x will be eight times more powerful than predecessor, the xbox one
Xbox Series X's improvements outpace mid-range graphics cards made by Nvidia and AMD and offers the first glimpse into what kind of power the next g ... read more
website offers $636 to watch all 24 james bond movies in 24 days
A British scrap car recycling website is accepting applications for an unusual dream job: getting paid more than $600 to watch all 24 James Bond fi ... read more
masked skier is caught on camera using a jetpack in scotland
The savvy skier, dubbed Rocket Man, was filmed as he blasted uphill at Glenshee Ski Centre in Aberdeenshire yesterday. ... read more
united airlines dished out $10,000 each to 9 passengers who were forced to downgrade from business class to 'premium plu
United offered $10,000 travel vouchers to nine passengers who agreed to sit in Priority Plus rather than business class during an 11-hou ... read more
looking for natural anxiety relief? try comedy improv, says new study
At Second City comedy club in Chicago, Improv for Anxiety is helping students and adults relieve their worst anxiety symptoms with improvisational c ... read more
hidden island the size of windsor castle uncovered in antarctica due to melting ice
A group of polar researchers from the Thwaites Offshore Research (THOR) project spotted the island as their ship passed through Pine Island Bay in A ... read more