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Japan's medical freedom: No vaccine mandates

As politicians in the United States do their best to remove Americans' freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines, Japan has medical freedom. There are no vaccine mandates in Japan and their children are growing up healthier than... read more

Did CIA Director William Casey really say...

Yes, but it was a counter-espionage tactic against the... read more

Stuart Wilde tells all

Explains about the greys, satanism, and... read more

Just how effective is Shungite against E

A video showing how effective Shungite is against Electromagnetic... read more

connections in world secret societies

connections in world secret... read more

... read more

Benjamin Fulford & Simon Parkes

Discussions with Benjamin Fulford & Simon... read more

Mafia Boss Tells All

Jimmy Hoffa, JFK Assassination and Much More. Patrick Bet-David and Michael Franzese dive into more details in this part two of the mob life. It's a Q&A dialogue unlike any other regarding "the life" and several conspiracies. Check out the Las... read more

question of whether we really landed on

here is the latest transmission from the Alien from... read more

What Are THEY Hiding? (2019-2020)

This Is Getting Too Real What Are THEY Hiding. 2018-2019 EVENTS WORLD EARTH HUMANITY... read more

Antarctica Whistleblower (01/23/2019)

Linda Moulton Howe Live... read more

Big pharma in Maryland

Josh Mazer is pro-vaccine, but wants vaccines to be based on sound scientific evidence and not to cause more harm than good. He also believes in providing informed consent on the risks/dangers of each... read more

this guy has some good ideas

Wes Penre. you can also plug his name into... read more

superpowers caught on tape

2nd one is very... read more


this guy's worth a listen, was in black ops and was offered a million to blow up OKC fed building but turned it down (and made himself scarce to avoid retaliation). I listened to the Camelot interview, but Cassady's massive ego interfered with his... read more

bohemian sacrifice

... read more

Mueller's investigation proved a fraud

... read more

Seth Rich's murder

... read more

salt water filter invented

... read more

interview with ex-Scn

... read more

making lemonade from lemons

... read more

V on Soros

guerilla... read more

Qadafi's Libya, the real story

... read more

Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks

... read more

Stuart Wilde on Princess Di death

... read more

good synopsis re alien control

... read more

about aliens and remote viewing

this is pretty good, has to stuff he's never said... read more

Ericson Harrell: The View From His Side

Ericson Harrell: The View From His Side Of The Blue... read more

Robert David Steele

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs -- Mongoose.... read more

encyclopedia of conspiracy

... read more

what the holy grail really was

... read more

the families that rule the world

the Jesuits and their takeover of UC Davis and... read more

the state of the economy today

... read more

Katherine Austin Fitts on the Keiser Rep

... read more

RF shielding

compares chicken wire to aluminum foil (foil... read more

high level banking

... read more

Nazis in Antarctica

According to a Soviet general, Hitler escaped, Nazis fled to Antarctica with alien... read more