Went for a walk…

… in the freezing cold, because we were THAT bored. I’m starting to hate this place. There’s just nothing to do when we’re not visiting Elizabeth or going shopping. And both of those require a driver, and usually a translator. I can’t wait until we’re out of here, but we’ve got two weeks to go. I’ll see if I can’t download stuff from YouTube or something to give us more to pass the time with. We should’ve brought two laptops, one for each of us, because the laptop is also the DVD player. At least Tara had the good idea of increasing our Netflix account temporarily so that we now have five movies (plus the Friends DVDs) to watch … probably over and over. We’re so bored, we’ve started watching all the OTHER stuff that’s on those DVDs. We also discovered that the hot-pot that we bought has a three-prong plug, but for this one we need an American 3-to-2 plug adapter, not the European ones I have now. It’s always something. I told Tara that my butt is sore from all the times I’ve kicked myself.

Tara says we can borrow a kettle from Vika, so that’s good.


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