We've received our court date. We're haggling with the airlines now. One round-trip ticket for one adult costs a little over $800. One one-way ticket for our daughter's flight home with us costs $1,600!! I suggested just buying our daughter a round-trip ticket (which would be “only” $900) and not using the return portion of it, but Tara's afraid they won't honor that and make us pay the difference at the gate, causing all kinds of hassle when we're at the airport with the child, trying to leave. I realize that free enterprise allows a company to charge whatever they want, but it's basically price gouging. We're working on it. At least this time we do have more advance warning than last time, which is probably why the round-trip ticket is cheaper this time.

UPDATE: Delta.com ended up being the cheapest we could find, after all, so we're going with that. Even the Delta rep told Tara, “One-way flights are just really expensive.” On the plus side, we're building up a lot of “sky miles.”

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