Only one state has stayed strong and not fallen for the Covid propaganda: South Dakota. So, that’s where you (and maybe I) need to move to! Too bad the winters suck. Kansas looks promising, too (90/105 counties have opted out) but I never liked Kansas.

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I guess these might be tolerable if you pick the right county:

  • Iowa — Parts of State
  • Oklahoma — Parts of State
  • Alaska — Parts of State
  • Wyoming — Parts of State
  • New Hampshire — Parts of State — Gatherings of 100+ People & Personal Care Biz’s & Fitness Centers —
  • North Dakota — Parts of State
  • Missouri — Parts of State
  • Florida — Parts of State
  • Kansas — Parts of State
  • Tennessee — Parts of State
  • Idaho — Parts of State
  • Arizona — Parts of State (Employees Only)
  • Georgia — Parts of State (Employees Only)

    In other news, Anonymous says, “Good for trump!”

    He wants to stop federal dollars for BLM propaganda on college campuses

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    your civil liberties - click for larger image nazis obey - click for larger image

    "We now have hundreds of thousands of so-called ‘cases’, ‘infections’ and ‘positive tests’ but hardly any sick people. Recall that four fifths (80%) of ‘infections’ are asymptomatic (1) Covid wards have been by and large empty throughout June, July, August and September 2020. Most importantly covid deaths are at an all-time low. It is clear that these ‘cases’ are in fact not ‘cases’ but rather they are normal healthy people."

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    DISCLAIMER: We are not medical professionals but can comprehend the various articles linked on this site. Think for yourself. Make up your own mind. Those of us with reading comprehension skills and healthy immune systems are much better off trusting our own body versus the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry.

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