Holmes Family Newsletter vol 3 no 7

The Leaky Faucet

Vol. 3, No. 7, October 14, 1991

Mike lands great job!

Michael has been named Executive Producer of Cal State Stanislaus’ new bi-weekly
cable television show. It will basically be a show focusing on happenings on campus, and
Mike is in charge! We asked Mike how he got such a great job, and he said, "I don’t
know, really. They just called and offered it to me."

Obviously, they know great talent when they see it.

We’re back and better than ever!
[Well, we’re back, anyway.]

You’ve probably been wondering where we’ve been. No? We’ll tell you anyway. You see,
our office — the entire office, including a couple of reporters — was
repossessed by bill collectors. So, we moved to Los Angeles. Isn’t that where everyone
goes when there’s nothing left? Our current address is ____ Westwood Blvd. #_, Los Angeles, CA 90034. (213) xxx-xxxx, though this will soon change. P.S. — New toilets
were installed recently in the apartment. Luckily, they came with instructions.

Boomerang dog returns (again)

One of Lucy’s dogs, "Gretchen," a dog that has been sold twice, has been
returned to Lucy again. The new owners apparently decided they just didn’t want a dog
after all. As far as we know, Lucy still has the dog. "They didn’t want a real
dog," Lucy said of its former owners. "They wanted a dog to play with once in a
while; one that would bark at intruders, and then just sleep the rest of the day."

Maybe they should’ve gotten a Rottweiler. Speaking of Rottweilers, Lucy’s dog Stormy (a.k.a. Storm Drain, a.k.a. Stormus Maximus)
has taken up a new hobby — killing cats. "I’ve seen it with my own eyes,"says Lucy; adding with a gleam of pride, "And he’s pretty good at it, too."

So, if you have any unwanted cats hanging around, now you know who to call.

Doug produces videos

Doug has recently completed production on three new videos and he has sent them to this
newsletter for review. The first video is entitled "Baking With Lenny," starring
Lenny [redacted] of Corpus Christi, Texas. The camera work itself was shot by John ,
Lenny’s son or grandson, or something, while Doug did the rest of the behind-the-scenes
work. We give it Three Milk Duds out of a possible four.

Doug’s second production, "A Day at the Fair," was filmed at the recent State
Fair in Sacramento. Doug was doing the camera work himself for this one, and it shows.
There is actually some very good camera work. (Can you believe it?) The sound track was
also well mixed. Three Milk Duds.

The third video is called "Holmes vs. [redacted]." It follows an intense, heated
volleyball battle between brothers Steve and Bill Holmes and their respective teams. It is
a visual tour-de-force examination of the fierce competition on the volleyball court. Best
of all, a majority of the video footage is spent on Bill! Five Milk Duds.

Birthdays, Etc.

Aileen Sept. 18
Tiffany Sept. 25
Grandma Sept. 25
Steve Oct. 10


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