USMNT fan-preferred roster

Who do you want playing right now for the US Men’s national soccer team (assuming everyone’s available) for a hypothetical must-win game?


I like this lineup, here.

Free vector graphics editor

Could be useful. See (this one’s for Windows, but there’s a version for Mac and Linux, too)

Most popular site on the Internet

This is the 12,157,539th most popular website in the world, according to! Wow! We have hit the big time.

4 day work week

Wow, this would be great! See 4-day work week

Random observations


  • Had alarm set for 4:15a.m., but the trash collectors in the alley behind my hotel thought 3:30 would be better.
  • At the airport, I was busted for trying to sneak contraband mouthwash and sweet tea through security
  • OK how are you supposed to cut a mango? No idea.
  • Wife said she wanted a collander. I thought i
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