Got yelled at today

Got yelled at today … by a quail. I was crossing an empty lot toward the soccer field when I heard squawking. I looked down, and there it was.

Folding clothes

I thought I’d watch some sports while folding clothes (making up for my complete lack of doing chores yesterday). My choices were NBA basketball (where travelling is only called after 6 or 7 steps), bull riding (where I just feel sorry for the bulls), or a dog show (where I just couldn’t care less). My sister Lucy would be in TV heaven, but I had to just turn it off. 🙂

Airlines misbehaving

United Airlines says "Thank you, American Airlines, now everyone finally knows we’re not the ONLY a*holes!" Yes, the woman was apparently belligerent (just like United’s victim), but these so-called professionals need to be a LOT more professional.

Drop the diet drinks

from Diet drinks TRIPLE risk stroke dementia

"Diet drinks TRIPLE your risk of stroke and dementia, and are FAR more dangerous than drinks sweetened with sugar.

  • Boston University researchers found aspartame, a low-calorie sweetener, wreaks havoc on the arteries, as opposed to sugar-sweetened drinks
  • They found a direct link between this damage and dementia or stroke risk
  • The news comes amid a surge in popularity for diet drinks in kids and adults"
  • See also Diet Soft Drinks Cause Stroke

    Plastic girl

    It was horrible! I was at Walmart again, but that’s not the worst part. There was a teenage/early-20’s girl with boobs out to here, wearing the most form-fitting outfit you ever saw. I tried to ignore her because she REALLY wanted to be looked at, and I always try to disappoint people like that. Even my 12-year-old daughter shook her head, saying "She’s so plastic!" because of all of the make-up.

    Then I kept running into this girl and her mom (similarly dressed) as I went searching for cat food. I was studiously avoiding eye contact because I didn’t want to feed her ego. Thirty years ago, sure, I might have asked her out. Wait, how old am I? Wow, time flies.

    Anyway, now that I have a beautiful young daughter of my own (already being checked out by creepy guys), I found this girl to be sad and pathetic. By the time they were near the cashiers, I was going the opposite direction. Another woman, dressed normally, attractive, Iranian maybe, was looking at the plastic girl then looking at me, right in the eye. I could guess she was thinking (of me) "You’re going to stare at that tramp, aren’t you!? I just know it! Men are all pigs!"

    I just looked at her — the attractive, decent one — and smiled. And that was the end of it. Or so I thought. There was the plastic girl again at the self-checkout as my daughter and I were checking out. Everyone was staring (men and women) at the girl. She was actually very attractive, but would’ve been even more so if she toned it down a notch or two … or ten.

    Running Windows in a Linux virtual machine

    I’m going to try running Windows in a virtual machine after installing Linux on my PC, as per these instructions: It’ll probably suck (because Linux sucks), but after all of NSA’s Windows backdoors were published online (somewhere, look it up), I’m almost afraid to use my Windows machine. I use my iPhone and ChromeBook as much as possible (even though the NSA probably has backdoors into those, too). I prefer Windows, and not just because my Windows PC has two monitors. It’s the only device that I consider a REAL computer.

    Don says, “Bill, to give Windows access to your USBs, install Virtualbox Guest Additions.”

    See also Linux on Chromebook or Turn Computer into Chrome device

    Being Human

    Makes me laugh when Facebook asks why I think something is funny or amazing. I’m thinking "Bite me. I don’t have the time or inclination to teach your artificial ‘intelligence’ algorithms what it means to be human." Not that it could ever understand it, anyway.

    Taking Elizabeth to skating party

    Preparing to take Elizabeth to a skating party, I said, “Here, take some money. Go ask your mom for more.” I thought I had at least a $10, but only had $6. When she returned I asked how much she had now.

    “Forty-six dollars.”

    “What?! Yeah, I’ll need most of that back.”

    Another website/page of mine

    It’s a site called Patreon where they help creative people find patrons to support their work. My page is here: Patreon

    "It would be amazing if I had any fans at all to help finance what I do! Thank you for (possibly) being one."

    p.s. – The ‘Inpsiration’ typo is theirs, not mine.