Crowd-sourced outpouring lifts struggling mom

Some good news for a change.

via Crowd-sourced Outpouring Lifts Struggling Mom | The Poverty Line, What Matters Today |

"Last month Linda Tirado, a 31-year-old from Cedar City, Utah, was readi

Switzerland shows U.S. how to handle CEOs

Switzerland Shows US How to Handle CEOs.

Here in the United States, had the minimum wage kept pace with productivity since the 1960s it would now be

How Amazon works staff ‘to the bone’

Walk 11 miles a shift and pick up an order every 33 seconds… how Amazon works staff ‘to the bone’

"Internet giant Amazon works its warehouse staff ‘to the bone’ in long and re

Why your brain craves junk food and what you can do about it

The good news is that the research shows the less junk food you eat, the less you crave it. In other words, self-control! What a concept!


Sit up straight

… like my father always said. Apparently, there’s more than just a physical benefit.

via The Science Behind Posture and How It Affects Your Brain

"Body language is closely related to posture &mdas

Cold day in November

It was cold today in Nashville! The high for the day was only about 45.
I guess that’ll feel warm if we get that in January, but still…. It’s supposed to get down to the mid-20s tonight. I know, I know. You all in Chicago and

Don’t fall for the 90# telephone scam

I’d never fall for this (I hope) because our only “wired” number is through the Internet, not AT&T or any major provider.

Here’s a link to the FCC’s page:

"I received a telephone call last evening from an in

Mucho Macho Man grooves to his song

Breeder’s Cup Classic winner Mucho Macho Man grooves to his song