Movie night

My wife and I have been celebrating our twelfth wedding anniversary this weekend. The actual day was the 22nd (so mark your calendars for next year’s gifts). 🙂 With our daughter on a sleepover at a friend’s house last night, Tara and I went to see the movie The Butler. It has the director’s name in the title, but I’m not going to help him aggrandize himself by mentioning it here.

I could have done without any mention of our current president at the end, but it was inevitable. The director did a good job, but it’s beyond pretentious when they put their name in the title.

We realized on the drive over that this was our “annual movie night.” Literally. We generally rent from home. Sorry, theater owners, but your prices are simply too high. The tickets alone were about $11 each, and that was after she’d gone online for discount tickets. At the window, they’re regularly $11.50 each. After they added tax and their mysterious “how dare you try to get a discount” fees to our online tickets, however, we only saved, what, a dollar total?

Walking in, Tara announced, “I’m having popcorn, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” Okay, so that last part was unspoken, but it was definitely there. At the register, I was joking about the high price of our large bucket of popcorn and two over-sized Cokes. Thinking I was being ridiculous, I said, “What’s that gonna cost us, $17?” I was wrong. It was $18.50!

“And that,” said Tara, “is why we only go to the movies once a year!”

The effects of fluoride

See articles below on the effects of fluoride.

I’m getting one of these, though I haven’t decided yet exactly which one.

Either way, I can’t afford to get any stupider.

Minimum wage adjusted for inflation

I don’t agree that this is a valid calculation. But, for what it’s worth, my brother sent this out recently.

50 years ago the minimum wage was 1.25 (1963). See

  • A 1963 dime (90% silver) is now worth 1.9
  • 19 x 1.25 = $23.75

That’s what the minimum wage would be, adjusted for inflation. I think this discrepancy should be reimbursed retroactively by the “elite” 1%! 🙂

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If called to jury duty, be informed

Click below for more info:

"FIJA works to:

  • Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce unjust laws
  • Inform potential jurors that they cannot be required to check their consciences at the courthouse door
  • Inform potential jurors that they cannot be punished for their verdicts
  • Inform everyone that juror veto — jury nullification — is a peaceful way to protect human rights against corrupt politicians and government tyranny"
  • Recent tweets

    I remember when I didn’t know what a “tweet” was, other than the sound a bird makes. It wasn’t so long ago, either. Below is just a random list of tweets. Pathetic, I know, but I felt the need to put something new on the site. Anyway…

  • Saturday, July 20, 2013:   Picked more blackberries this evening, just before dark, before it started raining again. Now I’m thinking about feng shui

    … no, there’s no correlation between the two. I’m just thinking of rearranging my office. Couldn’t care less about feng shui

    … and why is it spelled “feng shui” when it’s supposed to be a Latin phonetic spelling? It should be spelled “fung shway.” I think I

    … am in the middle of a Twitter rant/monologue/brain seizure?, 140 characters at a time. 🙂 And, no, I’m not drunk. If I COULD drink

    … well, it doesn’t matter. Those days are long gone. And, no, I don’t miss it. Just like I don’t miss TV. Both make you stupid. Anyway

    … Enough rambling. I was just doing this as an impromptu writing exercise, or maybe that shoulda been “exorciscm?” 🙂

  • Sunday, July 21, 2013:   Wordnik claims to be the most comprehensive English dictionary in the world. WordNik. I don’t know about that, but I like it.
  • Thursday, August 1, 2013:   8yo daughter: I wish you’d work from home again. ME: Didn’t make enough money. HER: What you need is advertising! You need more style!
  • Saturday, August 3, 2013:   Feng Shui achieved! (Fung Shway, as it should be spelt). I rearranged my desk so my back’s to the wall and I’m facing outward! Feels good!

    And I’ve got both monitors working again! I LOVE dual monitors! How’d we ever live without them… and cell phones… and smart phones and…

  • Sunday, August 4, 2013:   Google’s new City Experts program doles out free swag in exchange for reviews via @Pocketlint (
  • … 8yo daughter again, explaining the cheeseburger she’s munching on: I’m eating this now so I can taste it later when I’m starving in church. "
  • For more such mindless drivel, go to
  • Lost a friend

    No, not that kind of “lost” (knock on wood). So get that lump out of your throat. No, I just noticed I’ve lost a friend.

    Don’t you hate it when you’re walking along talking to someone, it’s crowded, you hear a muffled scream but think nothing of it, only to realize several blocks down the street that your friend is no longer walking beside you; you’ve been talking to a homeless person for the past ten minutes without realizing it?

    Well, that’s never happened to me. But I did notice that my Facebook “friend” count is down by one. I don’t recall unfriending anyone, so they must have unfriended me. Can’t really blame them, I guess. People can only take so much …